A.Y.A. :-* (彩; Aya) is a current soloist under the Hello! Project EXTREMEX. She is currently under the music label ZETIMA in Japan but is under avex trax internationally.



Real Name: Aya Kikuchi (菊池彩; Kikuchi Aya)

Stage Name: A.Y.A :-*

Birthdate: May 20, 1997 (Age 17)

Birthplace: Shizuoka, Japan

Charmpoint: Unique style when singing songs

Weakpoint: Clumsy

Favorite Foods: Soba, miso soup, fried tofu

Least Favorite Foods: Sushi, shiitake mushrooms, pickled foods

Favorite Subject: English

Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education

Favorite English Word: Song

Favorite Japanese Singer: Aya Matsuura

Favorite Aya Matsuura: "LOVE Namida Iro"

Hello! Project Tenure:

(2012- Present) (3 Years)



  1. [2012.18.1] CHECKERED LOVE/ Kaze no Koi
  2. [2013.23.4] ai no PARADOX/ Watashi no Seifuku, Mitte Yo!
  3. [2014.27.11] Kimi to Watashi no Yuuki/ LISTEN UP!#
  4. [2015.17.??] Dakishimetai o Kudasai!!.../ MAYBE THIS TIME<3


  • She is an only child.
  • She is an otaku.
  • Aya Matsuura, Morning Musume, and Kylee are a few of her musical inspirations.
  • She has been to a Morning Musume concert when she was only twelve years old and, ever since then, she had decided to become a singer under the Hello! Project banner.
  • She is known to have a rather unique style in singing her songs and has a very good singing range.
  • She is currently attending Horikoshi High School as a third-year high school student.
  • A.Y.A. :-*'s favorite song:

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