Aisaretai Katta... 14 (愛されたかった 14) is Happy Jikan's 14th album. It is set for release August 14, 2014, in two editions.


Regular Edition 

  1. Sakura no Hana (桜の花; A Blooming Cherry Blossom)
  2. Happy Jikan Qīnfàn
  3. Midnight Fox
  4. Měilì de yǎnjīng (美丽的眼睛; Beautiful Eyes)
  5. Suteki, Nazo no Hanzai (素敵、謎の犯罪; A Lovely, Mysterious Crime) -Sun Fang,Zheng Mei, Bui Shun
  6. Please Love Me (ラヴ·ミーください) -Wang Dao Ming,Zheng May Ai & Joe Song
  7. Watashi no Higen Jitsutekina Unmei (私の非現実的な運命; My Unrealistic Destiny) -Hsaoi Zhe
  8. Eight wa, Tousen Bangodesu! (エイトは、当選番号です!; Eight is the Winning Number!) - Peng Shan,Tang Juan, Lin Ju & Lee Mia
  9. Kare wa Watashi no Aite Imasu ka? (彼は私の愛ていますか?; He doesn't love me?) -Hoi Daiyu,Wu Jiao, Aoi Xiao & Zeng Yun
  11. Wújìn de Zhàndòu (无尽的战斗; An endless battle)
  12. Ai tte Mubou
  13. Chuántǒng de Dēng

Limited Edition DVD

  • TBA


  • Please Love Me: Lyrics
  • Eight wa, Tousen Bangodesu!: Lyrics


  • Hoi Daiyu announced the release on May 8,2014, at a release event for Ai tte Mubou / LOST IN PARADISE / Chuántǒng de Dēng. She did not announce the title nor the singles featured on the album, just the original songs and the release date.
  • This is the last album to credit Zheng May Ai and Zeng Yun as members.
  • It was believed that the album was going to be released on August 1,2014, but Hoi confirmed that it was a mistake, and the official release date is August 14.

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