Aloha! (Hello in Hawaiian; アロハ!) is one of the many MORNING JIKAN units formed in 2013.Aloha!'s group formation was announced in March 2013, consisting of three Morning Musume members and two Happy Jikan. Aloha!'s goal as a group is to promote the Hawaiin-Japanese project.




March 15,Aloha!'s debut was announced (alongside Un-crazy and HYPER HEARTS's).The group's debut single,Aloha,Tomo Tomo!,was announced.Aloha,Tomo Tomo! is set for relased August 19,2013. Wu Jiao was appointed leader (or "The Main Tomo") of the group.



  1. [2013.08.19] Aloha,Tomo Tomo!


  • All the members love Hawaii,and have visited it before.That is how the group got it's name.
  • This is the second unit that Fukumura and Joe have together (the first being CHOU KAWAII).
  • Tsunku said that the group's image is going to be upbeat and fun.
  • Tsunku said that Aloha!'s debut single is relitively close to C-ute's "Momoiro Sparkling".

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