Angel III (エンジェル3世, Enjeru-San) is a Japanese pop group signed to Hello! Project Girls Division. They were originally under Hello! Project and were formed in April 2013.

Angel III's best selling single is "Chains of Love / Hashire! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS / Koi no Paris" with 75,205 copies sold, and their lowest selling single is "Mitte Mitte! / ORIGIN" with only 18,230 copies sold.

Their group color is Bronze.


  • Bunko Aoi (葵文庫; Pink) - Leader
  • Fukuhara Mugi (福原牟岐; Purple)
  • Abe Mariko (阿部真理子; Light Blue)



April 24, at the S/mileage Mini Live ~KEEP YOUR SMILE!~ event, the group Angel III was introduced. According to Wada, all three girls were participants from Morning Musume's 11th generation. They would receive a major debut instead of an indies (like what was originally planned for them.).

Angel III made their Magazine cover debut, being on the cover of bother UTB+'s May and June editions. In the May Edition, the girls were interviewed on their feeling about being an idol and how it was like in the Morning Musume 11th generation auditions.

During the Summer, Angel III introduced their major debut single. It is titled "DJ Heartbreaker". It reached #2 on the Oricon Charts, selling a total of 49,890 copies.

Angel III's debut mini tour was announced. It is titled Angel III Debut Mini Tour ~Special Angel de Bakoon!~.


In July, Angel III was transferred to Hello! Project Girls Division.



  1. [2013.08.18] DJ Heartbreaker
  2. [2013.11.06] Watashi no Hana / Oroshi Gyagu
  3. [2014.03.22] BREAK OUT / Watashi no Kirai
  4. [2014.07.05] Jinsei REBOOT / Aidol Bot
  5. [2014.12.29] NEW YEAR DASH / Angel III
  6. [2015.04.10] Mitte Mitte! / ORIGIN
  7. [2015.08.27] Angel de Bakoon! / Kibou no Uta / Osaka JAM!!
  8. [2015.11.01] Wink wa Sankai / Kiss wa Dame yo!
  9. [2016.03.18] CHANGE / Hakusen no Uchigawa de
  10. [2016.06.30] Chains of Love / Hashire! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS / Koi no Paris
  11. [2016.09.07] Angel's Tears / Hikari
  12. [2017.01.19] Go! Feel the VIBE! / Morning Glory / Kira Kira Solution!
  13. [2017.05.04] Minna no SONG! / Watashi no Journey


  1. [2015.12.01] ANGELIC ANGEL
  2. [2017.03.29] THE SECOND CHALLENGE!!!



  • [2013.07.13-07.19] Daten Shi.



  • [2013.05] UTB+
  • [2013.06] UTB+
  • [2013.09] LOVELIVELIFE
  • [2013.10] IDOLTODAY!!
  • [2013.10] Pink Star 5
  • [2013.11] GameBoy: Idol Edition


  • All the members are from Osaka.
  • Bunko is the only member to be born in 1997.
  • According to Bunko,the girls goal are to beat the original v-u-den.
  • The group catchphrase is "Everyone,Let's Count Angels! 1,2,3! Angel Three!" (Minna,Tenshi o kazoete mimashou! 1, 2, 3! Enjeru san!).
  • Fukuhara says that she wants Angel III to be a group with the same exact line up until 2098.
  • The group's goal is to have a performance outside of Japan.


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