Asari Kyori (浅利京) was born November 15,1999.Asari is currently a member of the Hello!Project group,Golden ✩ Star.Asari formed the group on February 2,2013,alongside Fukusaku Masami and Hatoyama Natsuko.



February 2,Akami announced the formation of the group Golden ✩ Star.Asari was revealed as one of the three members of the group,alongside Fukusaku Masami and Hatoyama Natsuko.Her debut single within Golden ☆ Star is titled VAMPIRE♡.


  • Name: Asari Kyori (浅利京)
  • Nicknames: AsaKyo,Kyocchan,Ricky
  • Birthdate: November 15,1999 (age 13)
  • Birthplace: Aichi,Nagoya,Japan
  • Bloodtype: AB
  • Height: 146 cm
  • Hello!Project Status
    • 2013-02-02 Hello!Project Member
    • 2013-02-02 Golden ☆ Star Member
    • 2013-02-02 Member
  • Golden ☆ Star Member Color Gold
  • Favorite Food: Katsudon
  • Hobbies: Improving Everyday
  • Favorite Songs: Tatsu! (Nakamura Ayame),NEXT MY SELF (Mano Erina) & Momoiro Sparkling (C-ute)
  • Looks Up To: Muraoka Toshiko
  • Hello!Project Groups:

Singles Participated In

Golden ✩ Star

Egao Lights

  • Get Up!Kyuuto Onna to Otoko!


  • Tsunku's statement about Asari
    • "An unethusiastic dance,and a weak vocal,Asari wouldn't have got in if it wasn't for that personality of hers,and the fact that she emotes well.She may not be the center girl for now,but,as she says herself,Asari improves little by little everyday.I consider her the "Face" of the group".
  • Asari is the shortest member of the group
  • Another girl from the Golden ✩ Star interview audition,Asayama Kiyou,put Asari down often.Tsunku felt that Asayama was too confident,and saw how she was teasing Asari,so he chose Asari to form Golden ☆ Star instead of Asayama.This was confirmed from Tsunku himself,in his blog.
  • Asari cried when she found out that she would be joining the Hello!Project.
  • Asari describes her personality as "Hard-working and Funny".
  • Asari said that the name of the rival group of Golden ✩ Star would be "Silver ♥ Heart".
MembersFukusaku Masami, Asari Kyori, Hatoyama Natsuko
Singles01, 02
Related UnitsEgao Lights

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