Aya Yoshimoto

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Aya Yoshimoto is a current first generation member of EXTREMEX group, EXTREMEX Kenshuusei.


  • Name: Aya Yoshimoto (吉本綾; Yoshimoto Aya)
  • Nicknames: Ayaya, YanYan, Yossie
  • Birthday: October 21, 1996 (Age: 18)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Charmpoint: Sweet singing voice
  • Weakpoint: Poor dancing skills
  • Favorite Foods: Sukiyaki, Hi-chew, calimari
  • Least Favorite Foods: Sushi, sashimi, squid
  • Favorite Subject: History
  • Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics
  • Favorite English Word: Mystery
  • Favorite Japanese Artist: Aya Matsuura
  • Favorite Aya Matsuura Song: "100 Kai no Kiss"
  • Favorite Manga: "Pika Ichi", "Orange" (TAKANO ICHIGO), "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun"
    • EXTREMEX Groups:
      • EXTREMEX Kenshuusei (2013-Present)


  • She has a younger sister named Mika who is thinking about joining either EXTREMEX Kenshuusei or Hello! Project Kenshuusei once she is older.
  • She stated that if she could debut in any group it would be LOVE Musume.
  • She looks up to former Hello! Project soloist Aya Matsuura and former Morning Musume member Hitomi Yoshizawa.
  • She was given the nicknames 'Ayaya' and 'Yossie' by her parents; her dad gave her the nickname 'Ayaya' after her favorite Hello! Project soloist Aya Matsuura and her mom gave her the nickname 'Yossie' after their family's last name and because of her Morning Musume idol Hitomi Yoshizawa.
  • She auditioned for Dorimuhato's first generation but failed the third round.

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