Baka to Otaku (バカとオタク;Idiot and Nerd) is a popular radio show hosted by Takeshima Hisashi and Tsurugi Masa.The radio show often features various Hello!Project members,and the co-hosts of the radio show (that host the show alone every three months) are Morning Musume members Ikuta Erina and Kudo Haruka,and Berryz Koubou member Shimizu Saki.



  • "Baka" Hisashi
  • "Otaku" Masa


  • "Captain" Shimi
  • "Hunk" Eripon
  • "Dude" Kuduu

About the show

The show first aired on the radio November 12,2008.It featured "Baka" Hisashi and "Otaku" Masa.The show started out as a comedy show,featuring many comedians from others shows.But on October 19,2009,the duo aired their first episode to feature Hello!Project members (LinLin & Natsuyaki Miyabi).It held the record for their most watched episode,so they got permission from the Hello!Project to feature more members.Soon enough,the duo made "Baka to Otaku" a regular Hello!Project comedy radio show.

July 21,2012,the duo held a vote to chose three members to be the hosts of the radio show every three months.The vote ended August 8,and Shimizu Saki,Ikuta Erina & Kudo Haruka were chosen to be the "Co-hosts".

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