Batter Up! Three is Y.okatta's third studio album under Hello! Project. The album was released nationwide March 28, 2012.


Regular Edition A

  1. Rarararara
  2. Baseball Boy
  3. Night Taiken (ナイト体験; Night Experience)
  4. Shortstop Falls in Love
  5. Care (less)
  6. Sparkling, Silver Baseball
  7. Pink no Seifuku (ピンクの制服; Pink Uniform)
  8. Tashikani, Tashikani (確かに、確かに; Surely, Surely)
  9. Yakyuu no Shuusei (野球の修正; Baseball Correction)
  10. Choudai
  11. MM
  12. Batter Up Closing

Limited Edition A


  1. Baseball Boy (MV)
  2. Making of Album 
  3. "Night Taiken" Live Performance


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