~We did our best~ Eigo Nihonjin is Believe!'s first concert as a whole. Eigo is composed of songs from Taylor Swift. Nihonjin is made up of various songs.

Members Featured

Believe! Morning Musume


Ushinawareta Hitsuji

  • Regine - Magenta


  • Raine - Gold
  • Jenna - Lilac



Holiday Three

Songs Performed EIGO

  1. Fearless
  2. Fifteen
  3. MC
  4. Love Story (BMM)
  5. Hey Stephen (Chiisana)
  6. White Horse (Ushinawareta Hitsuji)
  7. You Belong With Me (Tamago-chan)
  8. Breathe (Lala)
  9. Tell Me Why (Jessica)
  10. MC 2
  11. You're not Sorry (Sophia, Tina)
  12. The Way I Loved You (Mandi, Reana)
  13. Forever and Always (Karina, Kristen)
  14. The Best Day (Maia)
  15. Change (Zoey)
  16. Our Song (Regine, Karina)
  17. Teardrops On My Guitar (Raine)
  18. Should've Said No (Jenna)
  19. MC 3
  20. Mine (Lala, Jessica)
  21. Sparks Fly (Lala)
  22. Back To December (Jessica)
  23. Speak Now (Sophia)
  24. Dear John (Maia)
  25. Mean (Karina)
  26. The Story of Us (Jenna)
  27. Never Grow Up (Lala, Jessica, Sophia, Maia, Karina, Jenna)
  28. Enchanted (Mandi)
  29. Better Than Revenge (Zoey)
  30. Innocent (Reana)
  31. Haunted (Raine)
  32. Last Kiss (Mandi, Zoey, Reana, Raine)
  33. Long Live (Karina)
  34. Ours (Chiisana)
  35. If This Was A Movie (Regine)
  36. Superman (Tamago-chan)
  37. State of Grace (Karina, Maia, Zoey, Regine, Raine, Jenna)
  38. RED (Reana)
  39. Treacherous (Chiisana)
  40. I Knew You Were Trouble (Ushinawareta Hitsuji)
  41. All too Well (Tamago-chan)
  42. 22 (Reana, Regine, Karina, Maia, Zoey, Raine, Jenna)
  43. ENCORE
  44. Fearless
  45. Speak Now
  46. RED

Eigo's last day included the following (Before the Encore):

  1. I Almost do (Michishige Sayumi)
  2. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Tanaka Reina)
  3. Stay Stay Stay (Fukumura Mizuki)
  4. The Last Time (Ikuta Erina)
  5. Holy Ground (Sayashi Riho)
  6. Sad Beautiful Tragic (Suzuki Kanon)
  7. The Lucky One (Iikubo Haruna)
  8. Everything Has Changed (Ishida Ayumi)
  9. Starlight (Sato Masaki)
  10. Begin Again (Kudou Haruka)
  11. The Moment I Knew (Oda Sakura)
  12. Come Back... Be Here (Morning Musume)
  13. Girl At Home

​*They were all sung in Japanese

Songs Performed NIHONJIN

  1. TBA

Dates Performed

  • October 1, 2012
  • October 2, 2012
  • October 4, 2012
  • October 6, 2012
  • October 8, 2012
  • October 9, 2012
  • October 10, 2012


  • They performed both in the Philippines and Japan
  • One of The Longest concerts in the history of Hello! Project (Consisting of a total of 59 songs each performance)
  • The crowd favorites were: Our Song (Regine, Karina), Change (Zoey) and Love Story (BMM)
  • All the other groups had this as their first concert except BMM and Lala.
  • This concert is in Day After Day form.

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