Believe! Morning Musume Concert Tour ~Engrish~ Wakaru? Is Believe! Morning Musume 's 3rd Concert Tour. It has a number of English songs with some Hello! Project Songs. It is one of the only concerts wherein Tina sings.

Members Featured

Songs Performed

  1. My Way - Alien Beat Club
  2. First Kiss (Reana, Mandi, Kristen)
  3. If I Die Young - The Band Perry (Sophia)
  4. Special Generation
  5. Suki Sugite Bakamitai (Karina, Reana, Mandi)
  6. Stuttering - Fefe Dobson (Kristen)
  7. What I've Overcome - Firflight (Karina)
  8. Perfect - J-Co (Reana)
  9. Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson (Reana, Karina)
  10. Maji Desu ka Ska!
  11. According to You - Orianthi (Mandi)
  12. Ama no Jaku (Karina, Reana, Mandi, Sophia)
  13. What If - Safetysuit (Kristen, Sophia)
  14. Who Says (Mandi)
  15. The Story Of Us (Mandi, Tina)
  16. Robo Kiss (Reana, Mandi)
  17. Koi no Vacance (Reana, Mandi)
  18. Happy Happy Sunday (Reana)
  19. Tan Tan Taan! (Reana, Karina, Mandi)
  20. Ganbaranakutemo Ee Nende (Karina, Reana, Mandi, Sophia)
  21. Heaven - Do (Reana, Karina)
  22. All For One and One For All
*Song - Singer/Band (Who sang it)
**Song (Who sang it)


  • This is their so far shortest concert.
  • It has a number of English songs.
  • The Japanese songs increase around the end.
  • Reana and Mandi had the most performances.
  • Mandi had the most Solos.
  • Only concert so far to feature Tina singing.