~Mandi-chan, Okaerinasai! THIS IS FOR YOU~ is Believe! Morning Musume's 6th Concert and is the comeback concert for Mandi from her temporary graduation. It features songs ONLY from Taylor Swift (Who is Mandi and Kristen's favorite singer). It features 2 of Taylor's albums (Fearless and Speak Now).

Members Featured

Songs Performed

  1. Fearless
  2. Fifteen (Sophia)
  3. Love Story (Mandi)
  4. Hey Stephen (Karina)
  5. White Horse (Reana)
  6. You Belong with Me (Kristen)
  7. Breathe (Tina)
  8. Tell me why (Sophia and Mandi)
  9. You're not sorry (Karina and Reana)
  10. The way I Loved You (Kristen and Tina)
  11. Forever & Always (Sophia, Mandi and Karina)
  12. The Best Day (Reana, Kristen, Tina)
  13. Change (Sophia and Tina)
  14. Our Song (Mandi and Reana)
  15. Teardrops on my Guitar (Karina and Kristen)
  16. Should've said No
  17. Mine (Sophia)
  18. Sparks Fly (Sophia)
  19. Back to December (Mandi)
  20. Speak Now (Mandi)
  21. Dear John (Karina)
  22. Mean (Karina)
  23. The Story of Us (Reana)
  24. Never Grow Up (Reana)
  25. Enchanted (Kristen)
  26. Better than Revenge (Kristen)
  27. Innocent (Tina)
  28. Haunted (Tina)
  29. Last Kiss (Mandi)
  30. Long Live


  • Mandi and Kristen were named as huge fans of Taylor Swift.
  • The Concert posters were made by Mandi.