~Ribbons~ Kawaii ne? is Believe! Morning Musume's 5th Concert. It featured the members wearing ribbons on their wrist with a rose. The colors of the ribbon were based on the 10-nin-line-up of Morning Musume (Michishige Sayumi as Leader).

Members Featured

Colors worn

  • Sophia
    • Ribbon - Orange
    • Rose - Dark Blue
  • Mandi
    • Ribbon - Neon Green
    • Rose - Teal
  • Karina
    • Ribbon - Honey
    • Rose - Hot Pink
  • Reana
    • Ribbon - Light Pink
    • Rose - Light Blue
  • Kristen
    • Ribbon - Green
    • Rose - Red

Songs Performed

  1. Aa, Yo ga Akeru
  2. Ai no Dangan (Mandi, Reana)
  3. Akaneiro no Sora (Kristen)
  4. All for One & One for All
  5. Ama no Jaku (Mandi, Sophia, Karina, Reana)
  6. Anata nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai
  7. Angel Cradle (Reana)
  8. Arigatou Ookiku Kaansha (Kristen, Mandi, Reana, Karina)
  9. Bad Apple!
  10. Baka ni Shinaide (Sophia, Mandi, Reana)
  11. Balalaika (Kristen)
  13. Black Diamonds (Mandi)
  14. Blue Moon (Reana)
  15. Bravo Bravo (Kristen, Reana, Mandi)
  16. Bye Bye Matane
  17. Chance! (Sophia)
  18. (Kristen, Mandi, Reana)
  19. Colorful Heartbeat
  20. Dakishimete Dakishimete


  • I features a number of songs from Shugo Chara!
  • The songs performed are in alphabetical order.
  • The only song that starts with a "D" is Dakishimete Dakishimete.
  • Tina wasn't featured due to sickness.

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