Best of Shiko Jikan ~Pati Taimu~(時間を考えるのベスト〜パーティータイム!〜) is Shiko Jikan's first best album. It will be released on October 31, 2013 with a Regular and Limited Edition.

This album will feature every single from their debut up to their twenty second single as well as two disc of original songs.

All the single tracks have been remixed.


Disc 1

  1. Hardwork!! (Updated)
  2. EXTRA (Updated)
  3. STYLE (Updated)
  4. Kanashiki Love Story (Updated)
  5. Watashi kara Anata Ee~ (Updated)
  6. POSSIBILITIES (Updated)
  7. Endless Genjitsu (Updated)
  8. Mou sugu ni, hikkoshite imasu (Updated)
  9. Kono Toori (Updated)
  10. Shuǐpíng (Updated)
  11. Wánměi (Updated)
  12. Suki Sugite Baka Mitai (Updated)
  13. Crazy, Junjou, Seishun (Updated)

Disc 2

  1. Kyori (Updated)
  2. All I want is YOU (Updated)
  3. Natsu no go aisatsu (Updated)
  4. MAGIC WINGS (Updated)
  5. Asa no Taiyou (Updated)
  6. Shiroi (Updated)
  7. Taking off! (Updated)
  8. Ichido (Updated)
  9. Vivid Rose ~Midnight Love~ (Updated)
  10. KISS (Updated)
  11. Lullaby (Updated)
  12. Ài de xiàohuà (Updated)
  13. Huǒhuā (Updated)

Disc 4

  1. La La La
  2. Victory~ - Guo Cuifen, Rong Yan, Cing Xiu, and Li Yoku
  3. Amai Love - Shea Wenqian and Hsiao Karen
  4. Until... - Sung Meilin Solo
  5. Eh? - Teng Peizhi, Tseng Qi, Cai Ting, Cai Yanyu, and Zoeng Biyu
  6. Hareta hi~
  7. Onigai!
  8. Lovely♥Hearts
  10. Shiko Melody


  1. TBA

Featured Members


  • This is the first best album from Shiko Jikan.
  • This is the biggest Hello! Project album to date, with 36 songs plus a DVD with over ten hours of bonus footage.
  • This is Guo Cuifen second album as leader
Shiko Jikan
MembersSecond Gen: Tseng Qi (G), Rong Yan
Fourth Gen: Shea Wenqian, Cing Xiu, Cai Ting
Fifth Gen: Cai Yanyu, Zoeng Biyu, Hsiao Karen, Li Yoku
Sixth Gen: Kao JingJing, Nyu Xiwang
Former MembersFirst Gen: Lei Huian, Zau Chen, Can Huifang, Guo Cuifen, Sung Meilin, Teng Peizhi
Third Gen: Hu Hong, Xiaoli Zhilan
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Best Albums: Best of Shiko Jikan ~Pati Taimu~
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