• Mosumu4Ever

    Bit of warning...

    August 12, 2017 by Mosumu4Ever

    Hi everybody!

    I'm putting this as a warning, but I'm not going to be as active as I was for the last few months. This Friday, I moved into my dorm and I'll be starting college on Monday (08/14). It's been a pretty exciting time for me! However, the Wi-Fi in the dorms is less than ideal, so I'm having to use a wired connection.

    Of course I'll still be on here, just not as frequently as I used to be. It's just a head's up. This also means I won't be able to respond to messages as fast.

    As always, thank you for editing on the H!P Fanon Wikia! : )

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hello, everyone!

    Sorry that it seems like forever since I last was here, but I was busy during the school year. But now that I have graduated from high school and am on summer vacation, I am hoping to update and create some new articles here on the Wiki when I have time. Also, for those editing the SECRET Otoko and LOVE Musume pages, I would like for you to ask for my permission as I am the original author of both pages before you edit.

    Hope to See You Around,


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  • Mosumu4Ever

    New Wiki Update!

    June 21, 2017 by Mosumu4Ever


    We now have message boards to get rid of the cluttered User Talk pages.

    We try to keep up with the H!P wiki in terms of layout. They've been using the message boards for awhile, but we'll start using them now.

    Thank you!

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    A Bit of Warning

    June 13, 2017 by Mosumu4Ever


    I'm finally updating the wiki's theme! Of course, since it appears Wikia has updated, the wiki might look like crap while I'm updating the design.

    The background, logo, bookmark icon, and a few other things will be changed and tweaked. I'll be messing around with it for the next few hours. During this time, I'll be changing themes to see which will suit the wiki, so the overall look might change once or twice during this time. : )

    That's all. Thanks for reading. : )

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    I'm Back!

    August 5, 2016 by OtakuCrazy'99

    Hello, everyone! It's your girl OtakuCrazy'99 here. I'm so sorry that it's been a while since I've last been on here and it's been approximately two years since then, but I just want to reassure you that I'm still here. I've been currently busy trying to write a story that I dream of having published and currently have writer's block, so it might take me a while. How is everyone doing? I hope you're all doing well. 

    All For Now,


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  • Mosumu4Ever

    Hey guys! Aya here!

    The wiki is going to go through major updates in the following weeks. There's a lot to get done too! So here's the update list:

    • Homepage is going to be completely overhauled to look more modern!
    • The Wikia access bars are going to feature fanon groups now!
    • A number of pages are going to be revamped with updated templates!
    • A new theme will be introduced!

    In addition to this, pages that lack an active editor WILL BE MARKED FOR DELETION. There is a surplus of pages that haven't been updated in years due to a lack of editor. If an inactive editor returns, their pages will be restore upon request. Pages can also be ADOPTED by current editors. A list of pages for adoption will be listed in the future.

    These updates will take a bit. I'…

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    Hi guys!

    From June 25 to July 1, I'll be unavailable online. I'll be moving with my family to another area and our internet service will be cut tomorrow. It'll take about a week to get everything set up in our new place.

    But I might pop in from time to time (depending on the neighbors' wifi being unlocked) so I'll probably be able to read and reply to messages. : )

    Until then,

    Mosumu4Ever (talk) 21:48, June 24, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    Theme Updated!

    June 21, 2015 by Mosumu4Ever

    I should have posted this a few days ago, but...


    I chose brighter, happier, pastels to make this theme up.

    If you have any comments or opinions of this theme, or ideas for future themes, just leave a comment below! : )

    See you!

    Mosumu4Ever (talk) 18:19, June 21, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Alitheia


    I randomly remembered about this website today and was curious of how its been~  Honestly shocked me that it was still active (*ノωノ)

    but of course, that made me happy (*´▽`*)

    The school years about to start again in a couple days so its kind of bad timing for me to say this butttt

    I would be happy to help out with the wikia again~~

    I can't promise much new pages or smart ideas but I would loooove to help with other things you guys may be in need of such as moving pages or coding... I can edit videos and photos too :x

    I'm pretty sure this wikia ended up with a lot of inactive pages because of me so I'll be trying to make those active again with some updates here and there whenever I can~~

    and back when I was super active on here, I real…

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  • Riyu-Hime

    Hiatus again

    April 24, 2015 by Riyu-Hime

    This is similar to my post on H!P Wiki, but basically I'm going on hiatus again. This isn't my choice but it has to be done. Its awesome that I was briefly able to come back sooner than I thought. I expect to be back in September 2015. I may be on occasionally, but unless I actually say I'm back, it won't be for long.

    Even though I don't edit here much anymore, you guys did deserve to know.

    If you need to contact me before then, I'll be able to reply to you easily on other websites. Don't ask me to explain why as its hard to explain.

    mm-bbs: Mizura Hello! Online: Riyu!

    I'm also on other sites: Jplop: Mizura Wattpad: Elpis0 Ameba: elpisgame

    I hope you have a great summer! - Riyu

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    I Can't Believe It...

    February 16, 2015 by Mosumu4Ever

    So, I was looking through my Weebly account, and found an old project from last year.

    My main fanon group, Ka-wa-ii! has a blog site! I'll keep it up and add interviews and blog posts.

    I found it halfway done and unpublished, so why not try to make it look pretty?

    Well, that's all... ^^;


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  • Mosumu4Ever


    January 17, 2015 by Mosumu4Ever

    Utachan... Why are you so adorable? O . O

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  • Chloe Hyuuga

    So hello! I am new here to the wiki,though i already made lots of articles and edits already.

    i am creating a new fanon H!P group, hopefully it would get attention from people in this wiki. I am happy for a comment to be left on any of the member's pages or the group's page (the article hasn't been created yet).

    If you are wondering about the members, they are Maddie Tachibana, Piper Mikami, Thalia Shizuka and Sophia Akiyama. it would be great if you visit these articles and leave a comment below on what you think, constructive criticism is welcome, just no insults please.

    Some of the members are inspired by real-life competitive dancers (some from the reality show Dance Moms), some are inspired by real singers.

    So yeah please comment on my p…

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  • Mosumu4Ever


    October 26, 2014 by Mosumu4Ever

    Now for an important announcement:


    That is all, continue on your merry way.

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    I think I should address this now.


    Here's an example: 

    January 1, 1999

    This is how it would look in source (remember, take out the spaces) .

    { {Birthday|1999|01|01 } }

    And what it looks like on the page

    See? The birthday template updates itself, it's really convenient, since we don't have to do it ourselves. : P

    Now Interlinking to other wikis' pages. Usually you have to put the whole url like this (spaces have been added for demonstration)

    [! Morning Musume Audition! ]

    will look like this

    Morning Musume Audition!

    It doesn't look TOO bad, does it? But it will make source mode and visual mode kinda messy. That's why we use interlinking.


    [ [w:c:hell…

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    Hello! Admin Aya here with our first monthly newsletter! These are mainly going to be updates on the wiki's growth and housekeeping, but they'll get more interesting!

    Without further ado, let's begin!

    • The wiki is going through a series updates! The place currently looks like a mess, and we're are trying to fix that. There's only two active people at the moment and 900+ pages. Needless to say this is going to take awhile. Hopefully by late 2014, we can have this place updated!
    • Any groups / pages that aren't under H!P will be moved to our sister wiki [ UP FRONT PROMOTION Fanon] or J-Pop Fanon wiki. All pages MUST be moved by September 2014.
    • Please keep pages neat and orderly. I have an example on how group pages …

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  • OonaxNonners

    Okay, so this is a VERY important blog. I've seen alot of pages on here, and despite me being impressed with the work going on around here, they have to go.

    This involves:

    • A: Groups that are only under UP FRONT PROMOTION, not Hello! Project
    • B: Groups that rival the Hello! Project groups, but are not under the Hello! Project

    We have an UP FRONT PROMOTION wikia, linked on the homepage, so they should be put on there. The groups can be mentioned on the wikia, but if they're not under Hello! Project, then they shouldn't be here. This is strictly the "Hello! Project fanon wikia".

    As for rival groups, even though they do have some relation to the Hello! Project, a majority of them are under UP FRONT GROUP instead of the Hello! Project. 

    If you want, I c…

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  • OtakuCrazy'99
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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hey, guys! Yeah, I know it has been a pretty long time since I last blogged, but I feel like it is time to post a new blog. So, this blog will be about the EXTREMEX group The SECRET Trainees Group. It will be like a variety show which is very similar to Johnny's Entertainment's variety shows, such as Ya-ya-yah and the Shounen Club. However, it will be both different and unique from different Hello! Project variety shows. Although they will have singing performances, they will have only a few of them and will have other guests appear on the show as well as interview them. They will have crazy games as well as penalty challenges. I hope you enjoy my post! Sekai no Ai~ Dozo!

    Arata Iwahashi: *waves to audience with a smile* "Konnichiwa, minna-s…

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  • OonaxNonners

    So you guys all know about my lyrics website right? Well, recently, I updated it and added some original H!P songs, with new line distrubitions, featuring the fanon Hello! members. Check it out!

    • Ee ka?!
    • Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai
    • Romance no Tochuu

    Of course, I credited Mosumu4Ever for some of her members (Murakami, Ono, Tanaka). Also, ALL CREDIT GOES TO TSUNKU/REAL H!P MEMBERS/UFP. I did not take credit for any of the songs.

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  • OonaxNonners

    Season Blogs

    February 19, 2014 by OonaxNonners

    As you might already know, I just edited the Wikia's theme. So, I am came up with an idea. Why don't we do season themes?

    • Background Color: Maroon/Red
    • Button Color: Fire Red
    • Link Color: Blue

    • Background Color: Spring Green
    • Button Color: Mint
    • Link Color: Hot Pink

    • Background Color: Sky Blue
    • Button Color: Dodger Blue
    • Link Color: Yellow

    • Background Color: Chocolate
    • Button Color: Orange
    • Link Color: Tan

    I think basing our themes on seasons would make it look nice and classy XD. If you want to find some of these colors, here:

    So December 2, March 2, June 2, and September 2, we will change our theme to the season that it is listed under.

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    I don't know exactly how to put this,  but Riyu won't be on the wiki for the year. She told me that she might be back around 2015-2016, but she's not too sure. She wanted for me to tell you guys. 

    Good luck Riyu!

    ~Aya: Mosumu4Ever~

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hey, guys! Yeah, I know, it's been a while since I've been on the wiki last...Anyways, I decided to create this "interview" for my Hello! Pro fanon group LOVE Musume; I got this idea after surfing through pages on the wiki and came across Riyu-Hime's Happy Jikan 8th Gen. Interview, so yeah... So, here it goes: 

    Tell me what you guys think, 'kay?

    Being Interviewed:

    LOVE Musume:

    1st Gen.:

    • Sakiko Kawasaki (Leader)
    • Eri Ichinose (Sub-leader)
    • Ai Takano
    • Mei Liu
    • Yume Kanazawa
    • Kimberly Park
    • Yuriko Mabuchi

    2nd Gen.:

    • Nina Honda
    • Mayu Kinoshita
    • Luna Saito
    • Sunshine De La Cruz
    • Akari Nogami



    • M- So, girls it's nice to have all of you here!
    • Girls- Arigato gozaimasu, Maemae-san! (turns to audience) Konnichiwa, minna-san!~
    • Audience cheers & squeals*
    • M- Did an…

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hi, guys! I'm back! How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Anyways, here's the blog post I promised about the people roleplaying from each Hello! Project group. Here's the list:

    The List:

    Morning Musume:

    Sayumi Michishige- Alitheia

    Mizuki Fukumura- Still available to roleplay

    Kanon Suzuki- Riyu-Hime

    Ayumi Ishida- Still available to roleplay

    Haruka Kudo- Isachiify

    Sakura Oda- Isachiify

    Riho Sayashi- Me; OtakuCrazy'99

    Haruna Iikubo- Me; OtakuCrazy'99

    Masaki Sato- Me; OtakuCrazy'99

    Erina Ikuta- MiyaChiiFan

    Berryz Kobo:

    Saki Shimizu- Still available to roleplay

    Momoko Tsugunaga- MiyaChiiFan

    Maasa Sudo- Isachiify

    Miyabi Natsuyaki- MiyaChiiFan

    Yurina Kumai- Riyu-Hime

    Risako Sugaya- Still available to roleplay


    Maimi Yajima- Still available to roleplay

    Saki Nakajima- …

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hi, everyone! :D :P As you probably already know, this is OtakuCrazy'99. :P Anyways, remember that whole HelloMoni@Japan idea I had planned? Well, I've decided to carry on with the idea and just form a page of which we can edit and just do all sorts of fun with. Yoshi! Let's get started! I'll see you around during the new year so that we can start the project. Hopefully, I'll remember to make a seperate post on whose roleplaying as who... Please tell me what you think.

    Yours Trully,


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  • Mosumu4Ever


    November 25, 2013 by Mosumu4Ever

    Okay, I'm not leaving.

    I'm going to be on hiatus for awhile. Right now, I usually don't have access to the internet. I won't get it back for awhile.

    Just a heads up, I will try to reply back to messages, but no promises. 

    I'll keep an eye on the wiki from school, but I just won't edit. 

    So, until then...



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  • MiyaChiiFan

    Okay,so this is just a blog about the 3 girls who failed HaJi's 6th generation auditions. To see the thread based on the auditions,go here: Fanon 6th Gen Auditions Thread! .

    Information Here.

    • Name: Chenguang Lanfen (晨光李兰)
    • Nicknames: Cheng (郑),Bunny Girl (バニーガール)
    • Birthdate: August 12,1997 (age 16)
    • Hobbies: Collecting My Melody and Hello Kitty Items,Cheering on Happy Jikan
    • Looks Up To: Beyonce Knowels,Yin Lu
    • Favorite Happy Jikan Songs: Melon.,Sorry
    • Trivia:
      • By Chinese Happy Jikan fans,she was known as Cheng. By Other Happy Jikan fans,she was known as "Bunny Girl" (due to the fact that she was seen wearing Bunny accesories all the time during the auditions,),
      • She has her own blog,titled "Cheng Bunny". On her blog once,she was asked if she wanted to audi…

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hey, guys! Remember my roleplay "blog" ideas? Well, yeah, I decided to add another SECRET Otoko member to the "blog" list; Ryuki Takashima. I decided to do him because I just felt like I needed to. Besides, he is also best friends with Hikaru-chan, so...yeah. Please enjoy and tell me what you think about it in the comments section.

    EHHH?! Oh, konichiwa, minna-san! Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai! I just started this whole blog thing and I have to admit; I am a bit rusty at this, so please give me some time. Domo! :P I absolutely have no idea what to talk about, but I could share a bit about myself, so here I go:

    My name is Ryuki Takashima and I'm sixteen-years-old. I currently live in Tokyo, Japan where I am a part of the first generation members o…

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hey, all you Hello! Pro Fanon wiki-ers! :P It is I, OtakuCrazy'99! I have once again updated my blogs after such a long time... Anyways, I am here to make another role-play "blog" as second generation LOVE Musume member Mayu Kinoshita. I am so, uber excited about this! And you guys better be prepared for upcoming role-play "blogs"!

    ~Arigatou Gozaimasu!~,


    Doomo, minna-san!~ This is Mayuyu-chan here! It sure is exciting to open up my first blog! I am a bit nervous, so please forgive Mayuyu, k? Good! So...I didn't really have anything in mind when I wanted to write my own blog...But, Mayuyu will try to thinK of something, alright? Yoshi! I thought of something already?! Waa!~ That was so fast! :P Honto sugoi, ne?! So, what was I th…

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  • Mosumu4Ever


    September 27, 2013 by Mosumu4Ever

    Hi, I'm going to be leaving the wiki for awhile. 

    I'm going through a personal problem, so I need to focus my time off the internet.

    I also want to focus on my schoool work and writing more.

    I can't tell you when I'll be back, but you'll see me again.


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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hi, everyone! Yeah, I know, it has been a pretty long time since I last updated on my blogs, but don't you fret any longer! I'm back and I now have some excellent ideas to continue my role-play blog idea...So, I'll leave this project in your guys' hands. I really hope you guys will enjoy! Also, I may not be on the wiki that much as in the summer because of school, homework, and other such things going on in my hectic, high-schooler life! Ugh! :P (*sigh*) However, I will try my best to reply to any messages, comments, etc. that you guys might have. Please look forward to this, I will try my very best as a writer; it is my passion anyways. :P So, here's what I've got in mind:

    I will be doing some new role-play blogs on the new, second generat…

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  • Riyu-Hime


    September 7, 2013 by Riyu-Hime

    I'm sad to announce that I'm going hiatus. I haven't been on for the past while. I've been busy lately since school started a couple of days ago. And also I feel like my ideas are running kinda dry. I feel like I keep coming up with the same thing re arranged into different groups, members,songs etc.

    I want to edit here. I do, this is a fun wiki and I've enjoyed every second of it. I'll probably be back in a few weeks or so.

    Don't delete my pages I've created, if you want to maintain them then you can do so, But if you don't, then don't I personally don't care at this point.

    So, yeah... See you in a bit. And if you want to talk to me send a message, I'll answer it. And I'll also be on Hello! Project Wiki, so this isn't a complete hiatus. I ju…

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  • Alitheia


    September 5, 2013 by Alitheia


    I made this blog psot to say that I'll be on a hiatus for some time due to my exams!

    I have to give it my all since I REALLY WANT to go to SS5 MANILA

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    READ ME!

    September 2, 2013 by Mosumu4Ever

    Okay, I noticed that we don't update birthdays on pages. I\Not the homepage, on the actual member page.

    So, with some help from H!P wiki, I was able to copy the templates that will update birthdays for us. 

    To use this template, you will have to set it up like this:

    and then it will look like this.

    It's that simple. Every member page will need to have this, so everybody needs to start adding it to the member pages.

    ~Thank you~

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  • MiyaChiiFan

    Which Song?

    August 25, 2013 by MiyaChiiFan

    Which song should I make a cover of next?These are my ideas:

    1. Jiriri Kiteru - Berryz Koubou
    2. Shabondama - Morning Musume
    3. Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi - Berryz Koubou

    Which one would you rather hear me sing?

    MiyaChiiFan (talk) 11:32, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

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  • MiyaChiiFan


    August 24, 2013 by MiyaChiiFan

    Hello!Smiles (ローチケスマイルズ) is a cover group that was formed in September 2011. Hello!Smiles usually makes covers of the Hello!Project (hence the name, Hello!Smiles), but also releases covers of other groups,such as Momoiro Clover Z and AKB48.It currently consists of 15 members.Each cover song,depending on the certain group's line ups,the fans of Hello!Smiles are asked to vote for who they want featured in their most recent cover. Every year,three times a month,Hello!Smiles releases their own original songs on Youtube. However, they are able to be bought on I Tunes.

    • Takahashi Hirano (高橋平野) - Age 18
    • Tamada Karen (玉田カレン) - Age 17
    • Inrou Seira (印籠セイラ) - Age 17
    • Anri Tomomi (杏里智美) - Age 16
    • Sakura (さくら) - Age 16
    • Akashi Yuko (明石優子) - Age 15
    • Red Star (赤色星) - …

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hey, guys! As I said, I was planning on updating my HaroMoni@Japan project/ activity blog...So, here I am! Anyways, here's the update on the roleplaying...

    The List:

    Morning Musume:

    Sayumi Michishige- Alitheia

    Mizuki Fukumura- Still Available to Roleplay

    Kanon Suzuki- Riyu-Hime

    Ayumi Ishida- Still Available to Roleplay

    Haruka Kudo- Isachiify

    Sakura Oda- Isachiify

    Riho Sayashi- Me; OtakuCrazy'99

    Haruna Iikubo- Me; OtakuCrazy'99

    Masaki Sato- Me; OtakuCrazy'99

    Erina Ikuta- MiyaChiiFan

    Berryz Kobo:

    Saki Shimizu- Still Available to Roleplay

    Momoko Tsugunaga- MiyaChiiFan

    Maasa Sudo- Isachiify

    Miyabi Natsuyaki- MiyaChiiFan

    Yurina Kumai- Riyu-Hime

    Risako Sugaya- Still Available to Roleplay


    Maimi Yajima- Still Available to Roleplay

    Saki Nakajima- Still Available …

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    New Ka-wa-ii! member!?

    August 24, 2013 by Mosumu4Ever


    I've been thinking about adding a trainee to Ka-wa-ii! to create a new amazing line up.

    Hikaru and Usagi are getting older, and they will graduated next year in the spring. Hikaru wants to focus on her education, while Usagi wants to debut as a full time soloist.

    I want to make Melody the leader, since she can lead the group and create a great era.

    The trainees I'm considering for the group is;

    • DIVAS.
      • Suzume Iru
      • Makino Haruka
      • Ikuta Naomi
      • Tanabe Hana
    • Foreigners
      • N/A (They will debut in other groups)
    • Kenshuusei
      • Kobayashi Erika
      • Suzuki Yuka
      • Miyaki Ayu
      • Ogawa Kei
      • Ako Kyoka

    Who should get in, you can decide or something~

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  • MiyaChiiFan

    Dropped Out :)

    August 23, 2013 by MiyaChiiFan

    After making it to the third round of Morning Musume's 12th generation auditions,I dropped out.I am going through some family issues,so I felt like I wouldn't be that good of an idol and I would not be a great participant in the auditions.

    But,don't worry.You'll see me soon :).

    MiyaChiiFan (talk) 03:22, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Ah, hi, everyone! So, as the HaroMoni@Japan activity/ roleplay blog will occur, I am glad to see that some Hello! Project Fanon wikiers have replied to my previous blog post. :D The only thing is, I don't really know how the "show" will turn out...I guess I was just being pretty optimistic and somewhat open-minded; but I guess it's alright! Anyways, if you guys have any idea on how I should continue this project, please reply or comment down, down below! Arigatou gozaimasu, minna-san! Down below; on the next section, is the current list of members and/or groups that have been reserved to roleplay and some others that are still available:

    Morning Musume:

    Sayumi Michishige- Alithiea

    Mizuki Fukumura- Available to roleplay

    Kanon Suzuki- Riyu-Hime


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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hey, fellow Hello! Project Fanon wikiers! This is, once again, OtakuCrazy'99! I'm here to bring up some news on my latest blog activities; along with Ai-chan's and Hikaru-kun's "blogs", I have come with an idea to revive HaroMoni via my own fanon blog! Yay! :P I will be needing some help with roleplaying some of the Morning Musume members and will be needing some definite help on the C-ute, S/mileage, Berryz Kobo, Juice=Juice members, and soloist, Aika Mitsui. (You can help by roleplaying for them and replying on which member down below in the comment section! :P) The "show" will also have some of the original skits and the like from the original HaroMoni...And will feature some J-pop & K-pop musical guest stars; such as, Kis-My-Ft2 and 2N…

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    Hello, everyone! This is OtakuCrazy'99!...Or you can call me Maemaechan if you're more comfortable with that...Anyways, if you guys have read my previous blog post, then you'll realize that I've been on hiatus for a couple days now. But...for right now, I have decided that I will not be on hiatus for that long. However, I will be leaving for a while when camping...Then school starts. So, here's the winners of LOVE Musume's second generation and their color images! Plus, a suprise review has been in tact with this blog post...So, if your username is Riyu-Hime, then take a look down, down below! :P

    Nina Honda- Navy Blue

    Mayu Kinoshita- Magenta

    Luna Saito- Turqoise

    Sunshine De La Cruz- Yellow

    Akira Nogami- Emerald

    Hey, Riyu-Hime! :D Here's the revi…

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  • Isachiify

    So I made a new fanon called Dramanimefanon. Since I figured some of us wanted to make our own dramas and animes using our hello!projects, I figured I'd create a wikia specifically for the dramas and animes that we're making and planning to use our helloprofanon characters, and so that this wikia won't become to cluttered ;;

    So... I need help since I have no idea how to really manage a wikia LOL ;;

    u; heheh... yup. Here's the link. I just made it so ... it's really basic. heh.

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  • MiyaChiiFan

    Since Up beat Styles! is mainly under UFP and only 25% under Hello!Pro,I will be moving them over to the Up Front Promotion fanon wikia.Just informing you guys~.

    MiyaChiiFan (talk) 10:50, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

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  • OtakuCrazy'99

    ...As for now on, I, OtakuCrazy'99 will go on an indefinite hiatus from writing articles on this wikia... My blog and talk page will still stay open...I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time. Besides, I really want to get into my otaku/ tokusatsu stuff...But, I'll be back someday...

    ~This Has Been~,


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  • MiyaChiiFan

    I've been noticing lately...there have been alot of Jikan groups being made lately.I remember the only one I truly confirmed was Shiko Jikan. I think I did confirm Genki Jikan,because I was talking to Mosumu4ever about Zheng Ming debuting,but it was for a duo unit I think. Anyways,could you ask before you make a Jikan group (not to scold or anything)?Next thing you know,there will be 20 Jikan groups and I will only know about like 6 of the 20 .__.

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  • Mosumu4Ever

    I got them! @.@

    August 7, 2013 by Mosumu4Ever

    I got my CDs this morning! @.@

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  • MiyaChiiFan

    Well,I'm back from my hiatus!





    Hello!Pro Fanon wikia.


    Lol XD

    Well,it's not really a 2chan. It's my version of it XD.

    Lookie here:


    • shot shot shot*
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  • Mosumu4Ever

    Fanon Dance Battle!

    August 3, 2013 by Mosumu4Ever

    I decided to make a huge dance concert with select fanon group/members with real groups as well. Here's the groups/other people I want to use.

    • Morning Musume
    • Happy Jikan
    • Berryz Koubou
    • Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Select Members
    • Party Jikan
    • C-ute
    • Shiko Jikan
    • Hello! Project Foreigners Select Members
    • S/mileage
    • Ka-wa-ii!
    • Nakamura Ayame
    • Saburo Eri
    • Akiyama Mei
    • Kawazu Autumn
    • Shizen Musume
    • Reana Do you mind Alitheia?
    • Hello! Project DIVAS. Select Members
    • Juice=Juice
    • Uchota~
    • Kya
    • Intense♥
    • Genki Jikan
    • Kudou Mari

    Also, this will be a marathon of dance. It will last for seven days. Their will be two major teams(red and blue) which will be made up of two smaller groups(Red will be made up of teams A & B and Blue will be made up of C & D).

    I'm also adding members randomly, by using a decisi…

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  • Riyu-Hime


    August 2, 2013 by Riyu-Hime

    This is totally off Wiki. But I'm having some spam filter problems on BeForU Wiki (meaning I can't edit at all) And when I try to report it, i"m blocked by a spam filter again. So could anybody just go on there and see if they can edit, and if not, could they report the spam filter problem.

    BeForU Wiki

    Sorry for all this trouble and inconvience, but I need to edit on there.

    UPDATE: And now the same thing is Happening on this Wiki! Is it just me or what? And it won't let me edit the Party Jikan page now.

    If i end up having to leave because of this stupid "spam filter" thats blocking me. I'm going to be pissed.

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