Break the Wall! / Power Kakumei (Break the Wall!/Power Revolution) is Up beat Styles!'s 10th indies single.The single is set for release March 23,2013.


  1. Break the Wall!
  2. Power Kakumei
  3. Break the Wall! (instrumental)
  4. Power Kakumei (instrumental)

Featured Members

  1. Yoshida Akiko
  2. Fujiwara Fumiko
  3. Oshiro Hana
  4. Kohaku Ito
  5. Koga Aya
  6. Inoue Miho
  7. Kanagaki Yune

Concert Performances

Break the Wall!

  1. Hello! Project Tanjou 15 Shuunen Kinen Live 2013 Fuyu ~Viva!~

Song Information

  1. Break the Wall!
    • Lyrics,Composition & Arrangement: NICO
  2. Power Kakumei
    • Lyrics,Composition & Arrangement: PandaBoY


  • Power Kakumei is autotuned.This make's the single Up beat Style!'s first autotuned single.
  • UP FRONT PROMOTION stated that the single might not get an MV,just a concert PV.

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