COrREction is a Hello! Project unit formed in 2013 and is currently composed of 3 members, similar to Morning Musume, they will also have generation auditions.

Current Members

1st Generation



March 5, Tsunku announced the formation of once again another unit. It was announced to have the same line up changes as Morning Musume. He announced the 1st Generation members to be Vii-iii members, Kate, Alysa and Reana. Their first single was announced as well, it is called "Purpose " and it will be released on March 19, 2013.

When it was announced that CORE was capitalized because Tsunku picked out the "core" of Vii-iii for the 1st generation, many fans were wondering why Clarisse and Mandi weren't picked since they have the vocals in the group.



  • [03.19.2013] Purpose


  • They are called "COrREction" because if Tsunku finds something wrong with the group he will hold auditions for a next generation immediately.
  • "CORE" is capitalized in their name because Tsunku picks out the "Core" (Best) in each audition/group.

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