CR8ZY Love

(CR8ZY Love's official group logo.)

CR8ZY Love (CR8ZYラブ; English translation: CR8ZY Love) is an all-female unit under Up- Front Ageny's and Hello! Project's family group EXTREMEX. The group made their official debut on Hello! SATOYAMA Life alongside the EXTREMEX Kenshuusei .


Current Members

1st Generation (2013)

Second Generation (2017)

Former Members

First Generation (2013)



On January 5, 2013, Hello! Project producer and EXTREMEX creator, Tsunku announced that a new EXTREMEX trio group will be made via Hello! Project's official website. The group's name was then revealed to be CR8ZY Love; auditions were therefore announced for the group's first generation members. Tsunku also revealed, via a live interview on Hello! SATOYAMA Life that the group will incorporate their image colors through t-shirts, scarves, and beanie hats. Then, during the first day of March, the winners of the group's first generation auditions were officially confirmed by Tsunku himself during another live interview on Hello! SATOYAMA Life. The winners were Yoshiko Kinoshita, Megumi Shiratori, and Kira Sato. CR8ZY Love, along with all of the fourteen EXTREMEX Kenshuusei, officially debuted on Hello! SATOYAMA Life together. The group made their official music debut on the album, "EXTREMEX Debut: ~Hello! Project Cover Album~," which was a cover album of Morning Musume's most famous songs and other Hello! Project songs as well.


On Feburary, it was announced that they will release their first indie single "Drama wo Doushite?".

On July, it was announced that they will be the opening acts for Hello Project Summer.

On September, it was announced that they will be doing commercials for PIZZA-LA and 7Eleven.

On October, it was announced that they will release their second indie single "Bubbly, Yasashii no Magic"


On May, it was announced that Yoshiko will be on a hiatus due to a flu.

The next month, the remaining two girls announce their third indie single "Uruwashi no Paradise". It features the third generation Kenshuusei as backdancers.

On October, it was announced that Yoshiko has left the EXTREMEX brand.


On March, it was announced through the EXTREMEX website that the band will be on a hiatus until late 2017 to determine the future of the group. 


In early August, it was announced that CR8ZY Love would be accepting new members from EXTREMEX Kenshuusei to rebrand the group after hiatus.

In 10th of September, they announced that Tomomi Hashimoto, Asami Kaito, Nana Shiratori, Miki Nakamura and Bright Project Kenshuusei Takane Noguchi and Wakane Youse will join them.

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