Cǎihóng Xuě (Rainbow Snow) is a Party Jikan unit. It officially became a group in late 2009 when Chang Xiaoli and Liu Xue graduated to focus on the group full time.



Chang Xiaoli and Liu Xue were chosen to form a new sub unit of Party Jikan called Cǎihóng Xuě. They performed covers of various Songs. Their first cover was Genki+, a Morning Musume song


At the end of the year they graduated from Party Jikan and became an official gorup and started having their own songs written for them.




  1. [2009.10.09] First Snow
  2. [2011.07.01] NEXT DIMENSION
  3. [2013.08.21] Caihong Glory!


  1. [2008.01.07] Genki+ (Morning Musume Cover)
  2. [2008.08.08] Ai (Happy Jikan Cover)
  3. [2008.12.05] Dai wo Fei (Ching Lin Lin Cover)
  4. [2009.01.23] Little Wings (Kosaka Riyu Cover)
  5. [2009.04.17] 1/6 Billionth (TERRA Cover)
  6. [2009.06.28] Red Rocket Rising (BeForU Cover)
  7. [2009.09.09] Magic Charm!
  8. [2010.02.05] Neo Starlight
  9. [2010.07.13] Ame no Furanai Hoshi de ha Aishite Aisenai (Morning Musume Cover)
  10. [2010.10.10] POWER OF 1000!
  11. [2011.01.31] ZeTa
  12. [2011.05.01] Twilight Zone
  13. [2011.11.11] Robokiss (W Cover)
  14. [2012.05.07] Seishun, Dakara
  15. [2012.10.08] Suihen
  16. [2013.01.01] Innocent Sky
  17. [2013.05.07] Kaori / Chugoku Bijin
  18. [2013.09.14] Sono Sekai ha / wakarimasen


  • They are often described as the Chinese W.
  • They performed song covers until becoming a full group.
  • They've performed only one W cover.

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