Carla Parkinson
Carla Parkinson.png
Nickname Carla-chan
Birthdate 12th of June 1999
Birthplace London, England
Bloodtype A
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 165cm
Professional Information
Occupation Idol, Singer, Model
Years Active 2013-2016 (Bright Project Kenshuusei UK)

2016- (ANGELIX)

Agency Bright Project
Group Bright Project Kenshuusei UK (2013-2016)

ANGELIX (2016-)

Carla Parkinson (カーラパーキンソン) is a 5th Generation member of the Japanese idol group ANGELIX, joining the group on December 15th 2016, at the ~ANGELIX x Morning Musume Duet Budokan Show~. She first joined Bright Project as a 1st Generation member of Bright Project Kenshuusei UK.


Name: Carla Parkinson

Age: 17

Birthday: 12th of June 1999

Birthplace: London, England

Blood Type: A

Western Zodiac: Pisces

Height: 165cm

Years in ANGELIX: 0 Years

ANGELIX Image Colour: Red

Favourite Bright Project Idol: ANGELIX members

Bright Project Groups:

Bright Project Kenshuusei UK (2013-2016)

ANGELIX (2016-Present)

Speciality: Gutiar

Hobby: Songwriting, putting on makeup, shopping

Favourite Music Genre: Anything

Favorite Sport: Dance, tennis

Favourite Color: Cool colors

Favorite School Subject: Science

Favorite Food: Miso soup, ginocchi

Least Favorite Food: None

Looks Up To: Celine Dion, Paige Aijima


  • She was chosen as Tsunku said "They need a foreigner who is full of beauty."
  • She plays guitar ever since she was seven.
  • She is really good friends with Freya Lee and Guchimura Sumire.
  • She was happy when she got her image colour because she wants to be like Suzuki Kanon.
  • Her favourite Hello Project band is ANGREME, and she wants to be rivals with Nakanishi Kana.
  • When someone asked her what's her favourite musical, she replied that she saw Thriller: The Musical the other day during her vacation and loved it. She hoped that the musical will come to Japan so she and ANGELIX can watch it together!

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