Chiisana Ai (Small Love) is a group composed of Maia and Zoey. They were given the name "Chiisana" (small) because of their height (They are short for their age) and that they are focused on singing songs related to the type of "love" a young child would feel. A young person, a "child" would you usually feel most love for their friends and family, and there are times you find your 1st love as a child. That is the perspective on the songs they sing.


  • Maia (L) - Baby Pink
  • Zoey (SL) - Baby Blue



July 8, They were both invited by Reana to the studio to watch the practice.

July 10, Reana was instructed to invite them once again so that they could undergo a secret audition.

July 13, They were introduced during Believe! Morning Musume's "Believe! Morning Musume Concert Tour ~Twintails~". They were announced to be a new unit under Hello! Project called "Chiisana" and they will be part of the group of groups "Believe!".

December 30, Along with Chisana Hana, they released "Watashi no...Hatsukoi" as the joint unit Chisana.



  1. [2012.12.30] Watashi no...Hatsukoi
  2. [2013.02.14] Watashi o Aishita


  • They have the shortest members out of Believe!
  • They have the youngest group of members.
  • They are best friends