Choi Junghee
최 정희

Also Knows As

Tower, Jungheenie


January 20, 1994 (1994-01-20) (age 23)




Saitama, Japan


J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop

Years Active


Associated Acts

A.L.C.H.E.M.I.S.T (2011-Present)
Hello! Project Fantasy (2011-Present)
Fantasy Kenshuusei (2011-2014)

Choi Junghee 최 정희 is a 1st generation member of Fantasy Kenshuusei, and member of all boy group A.L.C.H.E.M.I.S.T. And is the Co-Current member to trainee unit Tempest. He is also a member of the A.L.C.H.E.M.I.S.T sub-units: Ha.Ju.Mi, ANGEL CODE, and Ramen Boys.


Early Life

Junghee was born on January 20, 1994 in Saitama Japan, to a couples whose names are undisclosed, at the age of 5 he moved to South Korea and lived their in Seoul until he was 13. While he was in Korea, he was in a underground rap-group going by the name Small Size.


On March 22nd, Junghee along with 14 other people joined Fantasy Kenshuusei.

On April 1st, Junghee along with the rest of the boys from the program were revealed to join a new unit.


On Janurary 20th, he released his first Solo Blu-Ray DVD titled Greeting -Choi Junghee-.

On July 6th, he relased his first Photo Book titled 18@.


On February 9th, he released his second Solo Blu-Ray DVD titled Il Luna.

On December 1st, he opened up his own radio show called Choi Junghee 24/7 at A.L.C.H.E.M.I.S.T.


On January 20th, he released his second Solo Photo Book titled Adult.

Starting August Junghee will be part of radio show along with Suzuki Takashi titled Fantasy Project


On May 28th, Junghee revealed several new members to a unit he created, along with that and having chosen the members he named the group, and gave their member colors. He named this unit Tempest.


  • Hobbies: Playing video games
  • Special Skills: Rapping
  • Favorite Food: Blueberries
  • Disliked Food: None
  • Favorite Colors: Orange, Purple
  • Favorite Seasons: Winter
  • Favorite Animal: Sharks


Solo Blu-Rays

  1. [2012.01.20] Greeting -Choi Junghee-
  2. [2013.02.09] Il Luna


  1. [2012.07.06] 18@
  2. [2014.01.20] Adult


  • [2013-2016] Choi Junghee 24/7 at A.L.C.H.E.M.I.S.T
  • [2014-2016] Fantasy Project - With Suzuki Takashi


  • [2011] Long Travel Story
  • [2015] Alchemy Horror

Honorary Titles

Honorary titles

Preceded by

Oldest member of Tempest
May 2015 – February 2016

Succeeded by
Jang Taeyoon

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