Christmas Surprise! (クリスマスサプライズ!) is the first album by the DreamS' major groups NeXus & Polaris α. The album was released on Christmas Day (December 25, 2013). It was a planned surprise album for the fans.


  1. Choco Fondue - Yamada Ayumu
  2. Princess Snow White - Satou Miki
  3. SWITCH ON - Nagase Mirei
  4. Zone of Fortune- Fujimoto Emi
  5. Shiawase no Recipe - Sugiura Asuka
  6. A·ri· ga· to· YESTERDAYS  - Suzuki Eri
  7. Koihana - Miyanaga Misaki
  8. WEDDING BELL - Takahashi Rie
  9. Shiny Smile - Suzuki Eri & Satou Miki
  10. Kokoro ☆ Excercise - Akimoto Miharu
  11. Holy Night - Akimoto Miharu, Fujimoto Emi, Nagase Mirei
  12. Honey Heartbeat - Suzuki Eri, Nagase Mirei, Yamada Ayumu
  13. Hitomi no naka no Shiriusu - NeXus

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