Citrus Love! is the third single by DYB! It is set to be released on June 9, 2013 in four editions, one regular and three limited editions. The Event V will be released on August 2, 2013.

Trainees, Cai Yanyu, Tong Mingxia, Luo Huan, and Zoeng Biyu, and GLiTTER member, Xiao Miya, are back dancers for the video.


Regular Edition

  1. Citrus Love!
  2. Aloha!!
  3. Citrus Love! (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVD

  1. Citrus Love! (MV)
  2. Citrus Love! (Dance Shot)
  3. Citrus Love! (Close Up Ver.)

Limited Edition B DVD

  1. Citrus Love! (MV)
  2. Citrus Love! (Swimsuit Ver.)
  3. Citrus Love! (Dance Shot Ver.II)

Limited Edition C DVD

  1. Citrus Love! (MV)
  2. Citrus Love! (MV Ver. II)
  3. Making of Citrus Love

Event V

  1. Lottery Ticket
  2. Citrus Love! (Ruo Long Close Up Ver.)
  3. Citrus Love! (Xu Jiayi Close Up Ver.)
  4. Citrus Love! (Pho Nia Close Up Ver.)
  5. Citrus Love! (Hawaii Ver.)
  6. Citrus Love! (Studio Ver.)
  7. DYB! Interview

Members Featured

Song Information

  • Citrus Love!
    • Lyrics: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Akami
    • Composition: Ala
    • Chorus: Ala & Luo Huan
    • Vocals:
  • Aloha!!

Concert Performances

1. Citrus Love!
2. Aloha!!


  • The MV was shot in Hawaii.
  • Some shots in the MV will be featured in DYB!'s first photobook.
  • This is the first single to feature Pho Nia as center.
  • Morning Musume members, Saburo Mami, Ono Sayuki, and Eguchi Rin, went to Hawaii with DYB!
  • Their promotion outfits and swimsuits are in their member color.

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