Crystal✰Emotion is a Japanese pop group under UP FRONT, originally as a part of the UP FRONT ~GO!~ Movement. They were formed with eight members and their official indies debut was May 1, 2013.


Current Members

First Generation (2013)

  • Kanoko Izumo (かの子出雲; Lemon)
  • Nemoto Yukako (根本由佳子; Peach)
  • Kitagawa Chisato (千里北川; Lime)
  • Sato Ayame (佐藤あやめ; Strawberry)

Former Members

  • Ogawa Kei (小川圭; Grape; Left May 4, 2013)
  • Ishimura Kuma (石村くま; Orange; Left September 24, 2013)
  • Shihori Ayaka (しほり綾香; Blueberry; Left January 16, 2015)
  • Shidehara Yui (幣原唯; Cherry; Left October 10, 2015)



Crystal Emotion was formed with eight girls from UP FRONT PROMOTION, for the UFG! Movement.

On May 4, it was revealed that Ogawa Kei left the group.

On September 24, Ishimura Kuma left the group.


On January 16, it was announced that Shihori Ayaka left the unit.

Over a year went by until their ninth indies single, BELIEVE IN U was announced. It would be released on September 26.

On October 10, Shidehara Yui left the group.



Indies Singles

  1. [2013.05.01] Atarashi Hakken 
  2. [2013.06.01] Gun no Tatakai
  3. [2013.07.01] Cry ~Osaka no Uta~
  4. [2013.09.12] Crystal LOVE
  5. [2013.11.14] KISS x EMOTION
  6. [2013.12.01] Shiawasae Ongaku
  7. [2014.02.18] Eien Happiness
  8. [2014.04.11] Crystal Crystal
  9. [2015.09.26] BELIEVE IN U
  10. [2016.03.13] VANILLA CHAI


  • Their official colors are based off of fruits, like Juice=Juice.
  • Despite popular beliefs, all members are under UP FRONT PROMOTION, since they are only in a sub unit.
  • Their original image was supposed to be "refreshing", however they eventually went to a bolder style.

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