DIY☆ is one of the five Hello! SATOYAMA groups. The group similar to DIY♡. Both groups are focused on Hello! SATOYAMA Life, DIY☆ is set to have out of the country performances unlike DIY. The group is composed of Morning Musume and Believe! Morning Musume members.


  • Suzuki Kanon - Green
  • Oda Sakura - Lavender
  • Eniko - Neon Orange
  • Karina - Neon Blue
  • Tina - Neon Purple

Former Members

  • Mandi - Neon Green (Graduated December 13, 2012)
  • Ishida Ayumi - Dark Blue (Replaced by Suzuki Kanon December 12, 2012)



Oda Sakura stated multiple times how excited she was to be put in another unit because she wanted to get closer to other members of MoBeKiMaSu. So Tsunku ended up with another version of DIY. In the group Tsunku added in Oda Sakura for her strong vocal and for it to be her first unit, Tina because more fans stated they wanted to hear her sing more after Believe! Morning Musume SPECIAL ~Karaoke Marathon~, Ishida Ayumi for her sharp dancing skills, Mandi for her confidence in doing things and strong vocal, Karina because she was said to "have no fear when it comes to confidence".

December 12, Mandi was replaced by Eniko in the lineup due to Mandi's graduation. Ishida Ayumi was replaced by Suzuki Kanon since Ishida is already in Harvest.


It was announced that DIY☆ and the group SCORE! is releasing their second single, GIVE ME YOUR CHANCE/LALALALA Koufaku..., April 27, 2013.



  • All the current members have this as their first unit.
  • Their Satoumi counter part is Water Lily.