DYB! Mini Live Tour Spring 2013 ~Introducing DYB!~ is the first mini live tour for DYB! and an introduction concert.


  1. TRY!
  2. MC1 (Member Introduction)
  3. Sunny Days
  4. Kanojo ni Naritai!!! (Hello Pro Kenshuusei Members)
  5. Sakura Kiss
  6. Daisuki!~
  7. MC2 (With Tsunku)
  8. School Girl Love

Memebers Featured


  • This concert will showcase the first two singles.
  • Sakura Kiss's dance is subject to change.
  • This is the debut concert of DYB!
  • Tsunku said this will be as short as a mini live but will be like a tour.
  • The day after DYB! graduates from Hello!Project Foreigners will be the first day of the tour.
  • The first DYB! goods will be sold here.
  • Ruo Long and Xu Jiayi filmed a video showing all the concert goods. Pho Nia filmed a behind the scenes video.

Concert Schedule

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Concert Starts
04/11 Nakano Sun Plaza Tokyo 15:00 16:00
04/15 Yokohama BLITZ Yokohama 14:00 15:00
04/20 Festival Hall Osaka 13:00 14:00
04/25 Tokorozawa Civic Cutural Centre Muse Saitama 13:00 14:00
04/29 Okayama Symphony Hall Okayama 14:00 15:00
04/31 Kyoto Concert Hall Kyoto 12:00 13:00
05/03 Nakano Sun Plaza Tokyo 15:00 16:00

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