Da Meilu (达美庐) was born on June 23, 1996. Da is a Japanese pop singer signed to Hello! Project as the captain of Genki Jikan.



Da auditioned for Happy Jikan's seventh generation, but failed to pass the third round.


Da participated in Shiko Jikan's fifth generation, but failed to pass.

Around May or June, Da participated in a secret audition in China.

On July 28, it was revealed that Da passed the audition and joined Hello! Project as a member of Genki Jikan.

The same day, she was announced Captain of the group.



  • Name: Da Meilu
  • Nicknames: MeiMei
  • Birthdate:  June 23, 1996 (1996-06-23) (age 21)
  • Birthplace: Beijing, China
  • Height: 161.2 cm
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Hello! Project Status
    • 2013-07-28 Member
    • 2013-07-28 Genki Jikan Member
    • 2014-06-22 Left
  • Genki Jikan Color: Yellow
  • Specialty: Drawing
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Looks up to: Lei Huian, Can Huifang, Wu Jiao, Peng Shan
  • Hello! Project Groups

Singles Participated In

Genki Jikan

  1. Watashi Koibito no Genki (Debut)
  2. Watashi no Haato ♥
  3. Ongaku no Kokoro / Watashi Koibito no Genki (REMIX) (Final)


  • She was the oldest member of Genki Jikan.
  • She was the only Genki Jikan member to audition for any group prior to the secret audition.
  • She stated that she was becoming close friends with Luo Huan. As of June 2014, Luo said their friendship was over.
  • When she left Genki Jikan, it was noted that none of the members would talk to her.

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