Day After Day is a type of concert that has around 40+ songs. Type of concert where all the songs won't fit in one day so all the songs continue on day after.


  1. Song
  2. Song
  3. Song
  4. Song
  5. Song
  6. Song
  7. Song
  8. Song
  9. Song
  10. Song
  11. Song
  12. Song
  13. Song
  14. Song
  15. Song
  16. Song
  17. Song
  18. Song
  19. Song
  20. Song


  1. Song 21
  2. Song 22


Concerts Under Day After Day type

  1. Believe! Morning Musume First Concert Tour ~Believe in Wonderland~
  2. Believe! Morning Musume Concert Tour ~Twintails~
  3. Believe! 1st Concert Tour ~We did our best~ Eigo Nihonjin
  4. H!P FANON 2012 Concert Tour ~Power Of Song~

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