Direct GIRL (ダイレクトGIRL) is Nesugosu's ninth single. It was released March 21, 2014, with four editions.

It is currently Nesugosu's bestselling single, with 85,034 copies sold. It ranked #2 on the Oricon Charts.


Regular Edition, Limited Edition B

  1. Direct GIRL
  2. Nebo Eclipse (寝坊エクリプス; Overlseeping Eclipse)
  3. Direct GIRL (Off vocals ver.)
  4. Nebo Eclipse (Off vocals ver.)

Limited Edition A, Limited Edition C

  1. Direct GIRL
  3. Direct GIRL (Off vocals ver.)
  4. SING&SHINE (Off vocals ver.)

Featured Members

  • Akita Hisoka
  • Eguchi Makoto
  • Hirano Nana
  • Kuga Sayuri
  • Okan Usagi


  • This is Nesugosu's second time getting #2 on the Oricon Charts for the week (first time being Rise and Shine!).
  • This is currently Nesugosu's best selling single.
  • It was originally supposed to be released in 2013, but it was pushed back.

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