DoLL is Shizen Musume's 4th single. It is a cover song by TЁЯRA. It is set to be release August 1, 2013. It is to have 4 editions: 1 regular and 3 limited. 


Regular Edition

  1. DoLL
  2. Zero
  3. DoLL (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A


  1. DoLL
  2. Stars
  3. DoLL (Instrumental)


  1. DoLL (MV)
  2. Making of

Limited Edition B


  1. DoLL
  2. 1/6 Billionth
  3. DoLL (Instrumental)

Limited Edition C


  1. DoLL
  2. Eden
  3. DoLL (Instrumental)


  1. DoLL (Dance Shot)
  2. Meet the girls

Song Information

  • DoLL
    • Original Song: TЁЯRA
    • Arrangement: Tsunku
    • Autotunong: Akami
    • Chorus: Ala
  • Vocals:
    • Kanazawa Keiko, Ishida Kaori, Mochizuki Hiromi (Main)
    • Kia Su Ling,  Fukumoto Emi (Minor)

Song Comment

  • DoLL is a very mysterious, sad song. It's very tricky to sing. Shizen Musume is going to have a very different sound from now on.


  • All songs will be cover songs.
  • It's the first single not to feature Minami Yuki.
  • This is the Debut single of the 2nd generation.

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