Dorimuhato (ドリームハート ; Dream Heart) is an all girl Hello! Project unit formed in 2013. The group is known for following a theme of "school girl uniforms", and has been mostly modelled after the Hello! Project units Morning Musume and Happy Jikan.


Current Members

First Generation (2013)

  1. Kotoko Negishi (根岸琴子; Lime Green,Leader)
  2. Christine Aihara (相原クリスティーヌ; Purple,Sub-leader)
  3. Mami Sohma  (相馬真美; Blush Pink)
  4. Nanami Hikari  (ひかり七海; Dark Blue)  
  5. Ran Kutsuna  (忽那は蘭; Marigold)
  6. Ami Tachibana (橘亜美; Orange)

Second Generation (2017)

  1. Stacy (ステイシー; Indigo)
  2. Morana (モラナ; Red)
  3. Daihui Hina (戴会希娜; Emerald Green)

Former Members

  1. Judith Shiratori (白鳥ジュディス;Teal)



In late 2012, Tsunku announced that he was planning on forming three new Hello! Project groups through a series of auditions. Each group was given a theme (which was later revealed to be a "school girl uniform" for Dorimuhato). 


May 3, the official member line up of Dorimuhato was revealed. The group released their first indies single just two months after the lineup announcement.

November 10, it was announced that Dorimuhato would be officially making their major debut within Hello! Project.


February 4, Dorimuhato released their major debut single, "Translate My Heart". It peaked at #4 on the Oricon Charts and sold a total of 31,494 copies during the first week. 

November 7, as a celebration of their major debut, Dorimuhato released their first full studio album "The Difference of Girls".


April 2, 2015, Judith officially graduated from the group to pursue a career in the fashion industry, 

November 10, on the official anniversary of their major debut, Dorimuhato held their first live performance at the Nippon Budokan venue.


July 28, it was revealed that three new members had been added to the group: Stacy (Hello!Project Foreigners), Morana (Hello! Project Foreigners) and Daihui Hina (Special Hello! Pro Kenshuusei).



Studio Albums

  1. [2014.11.07] The Difference of Girls
  2. [2018.01.XX] TBA

Mini Albums

  1. [2015.08.04] Dorimuhato Action! - VOL. 1-
  2. [2016.08.10] Dorimuhato Action! - VOL. 2-
  3. [2017.08.08] Dorimuhato Action! - VOL.3-


Major Singles

  1. [2014.02.04] Translate My Heart
  2. [2015.02.03] Atarashii Kousaten / Yuunou na Business Woman / Watashi no Kansei (新しい交差点/有能なビジネスウーマン/私の感性)
  3. [2016.02.09] Kanojo Jishin no Fantasy / Hello to the World! (彼女自身のファンタジー/Hello to the World!)
  4. [2017.02.06] Watashi wa Yurushite wa Ikenai (私は許してはいけない) 

Digital Singles

  1. [2015.10.13] Ninki Contest (人気コンテスト)
  2. [2016.10.25] Saisho no Budoukan (最初の武道館)
  3. [2017.05.10] Midnight DJ ga Daylight DJ ni Henshin (ミッドナイトDJがデイライトDJに変身)
  4. [2017.09.05] Aoi Skirt no Onna Noko (青いスカートの女の子)


  • Dorimuhato have a release schedule that is quite unique from other Hello! Project acts. They release only one physical single every February, and release a mini album every August, with digital singles being released every so often. To compensate for the lack of releases over the course of the year, Dorimuhato are constantly touring.

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