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Dorimuhato (ドリームハート ; Dorimuhato. English translation: Dream Heart) is the new third addition to Hello! Project's main group line-up and will be the new "sister" group to Morning Musume, LOVE Musume, and SECRET Otoko. The group is planned to debut alongside "brother group" SECRET Otoko during the first day of LOVE Musume's "LOVE Musume~ Hello! Project Concert Debut~ Autumn Tour 2013 (feat. Dorimuhato and SECRET Otoko)" fall tour.

Current Members:

1st Generation:


Kotoko Negishi- (Leader) Color: Lime Green

Christine Aihara- (Sub-leader) Color: Dark Purple

Mami Sohma- Color: Blush Pink

Judith Shiratori- Color: Turqoise

Nanami Hikari- Color: Marigold

Ran Kutsuna- Color: Blue

Ami Tachibana- Color: Orange



In late 2012, Tsunku announced that he will be adding three new groups to the Hello! Project main group line-up on Hello! SATOYAMA Life; the thrid group will act as the brand new sister group towards the first two groups as well as Morning Musume. He also announced that this group will have a planned "seifuku theme" and will display their image colors via ties, hair accesories, and socks. The first generation audditions were then announced for an all-female group that would start out with seven members. The winners would then be announced via Tsunku's official Twitter page.


On the first day of June 2013, the winners of the audditions were announced officially on Tsunku's official Twitter page. During the first day of LOVE Musume's "LOVE Musume~ Hello! Project Concert Debut    Autumn Tour 2013~ (feat. Dorimuhato and SECRET Otoko)" fall tour, the group, along with brother group, SECRET Otoko will debut and dance back-up for LOVE Musume. The seifuku-themed group's name was then released; "Dorimuhato". The group's debut song will be "Fufufu~ Watashi no Chusin wa Anata no Tame ni Katatte (feat. Dorimuhato)". Their first album will be released two months after the tour has ended. During the "LOVE Musume~ Hello! Project Concert Debut Autumn Tour 2013~ (feat. Dorimuhato and SECRET Otoko)", Tsunku announced that Dorimuhato's official debut album would be released some time during the new year. In late December, Tsunku announced that the group's first album is to be released in the following year. The group is also set to appear in the drama, "Tenso no Dai Machigai (転送の大間違い; The Transfer's Mistake)". as supporting characters.

Member Judith Shiratori was caught in a scandal with former Johnny's and Associates member Masaki Hoshino by women's magazine FRIDAY with pictures of the two kissing and holding hands. Up! Front Agency has confirmed that the two are dating and that they given their permission for the two to date because they have asked for permission from both them and Hello! Project.

On July 17, 2013, Tsunku officially announced the title of their official debut single "Too Mature For Me?!/ 制服ミザリーのスクールガール物語 (Seifuku no Sukurugaru no Mizari; School Girl Story of Seifuku Misery).


Tsunku announced that Dorimuhato will be having auditions for their second generation and will be middle-school girl themed. The auditions will start on November 25, 2014 and will end on January 10, 2015.

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