EXTREMEX Kenshuusei Logo

(EXTREMEX Kenshuusei's Official Group Logo.)

EXTREMEX Kenshuusei is a group under EXTREMEX that consists completely of trainnees, founded in 2012. Their goal is to debut either in EXTREMEX or Hello!Project. The group made their musical debut in EXTREMEX's first album "EXTREMEX Debut: ~Hello! Project Cover Album~".


Current Members

1st Generation (2012)

2nd Generation (2013)

  • Nana Shiratori
  • Miki Nakamura
  • Hanako Higuchi
  • Karen Yamamoto
  • Reina Makino

3rd Generation (2015)

  • Juri Sawada (3rd Gen. Leader)
  • Ky-Li
  • Minnie
  • Haruhi Kohada

Former Members

  • Rise Suzuki (1st generation, Withdrew January 2014)
  • Erina Nogami (1st generation, Withdrew April 2014)
  • Minami Furukawa (2nd generation, Withdrew April 2014)
  • Naho Okamura (1st Generation, withdrew October 2014)
  • Megumi Tanaka (1st generation, graduated June 2015)
  • Aya Yoshimoto (1st generation, graduated June 2015)

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