Egao Lights
Egao Lights 
(Smiling Lights; 笑顔ライト) is the third joint group of Hello! Project, made for the newer groups. The group made it's official debut in May of 2013.


Tropical Ongaku

their group color is Bomber

  1. Kawaichi Madoka (Leader)
  2. Etsuko Mika
  3. Iina Shige
  4. Goto Naomi


their group color is  Onyx

  1. Higashiyama Midori (Sub Leader)
  2. Xiao Miya
  3. Matsumoto Yukiko

Golden ✩ Star

their group color is Thistle

  1. Fukusaku Masami
  2. Asari Kyori
  3. Hatoyama Natsuko


their group color is Forest

  1. Miyazaki Yuka
  2. Kanazawa Tomoko
  3. Takagi Sayuki
  4. Miyamoto Karin
  5. Uemura Akari


their group color is Flame

  1. Fujimoto Saki
  2. Kyou Miwa
  3. Tamura Momoko


their color is Grape

  1. Arikara Erika
  2. Hojo Jun
  3. Furude Gina
  4. Yamaguchi Eri
  5. Hisakawa Minami

Former Members


  1. Otsuka Aina (Left;July 5,2013)


  1. [2013.09.21] GET UP! Kyuuto Onna to Otoko! (GET UP! Cute Girls and Boys!)
  2. [2014.09.17] TENSION / Choujo ni Totatsu  (TENSION / Reach the Top)


  • Tsunku decided to give the groups "random" colors to give them a "young spark".
  • Egao Lights is filled with groups that debuted in late 2012-present.

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