Eiji Fukumura (福村英二; Fukumura Eiji) is a current second generation member of the Hello! Project all-male group SECRET Otoko.

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Name: Eiji Fukumura (福村英二; Fukumura Eiji)

Nicknames: Eien, Fuku-kun, Fuji

Birthdate: January 3, 2000 (Age 14)

Birthplace: Chiba, Japan

Charmpoint: His style

Weakpoint: Hates waking up early

Favorite Foods: Crab meat, fried tofu, sushi

Least Favorite Foods: Shiitake mushrooms, wasabi, pickled vegetables

Favorite Subject: Music

Least Favorite Subject: Science

Motto: "Music is a gift to the the heart and soul."

Favorite English Word: Song

SECRET Otoko Color: Imperial Blue Plum

Favorite Japanese Group: Tackey & Tsubasa

Favorite Tackey & Tsubasa Song: "Yume Monogatari"

Hello! Project Groups:

  • SECRET Otoko (2014-Present)


  • He is the first SECRET Otoko member from Chiba Prefecture.
  • He is an only child.
  • His cousin is fellow group-mate Kosuke Sohma.
  • He likes watching anime and reading manga.
  • He likes dancing to songs by Tackey & Tsubasa.
  • His mom applied for his audition into Hello! Project.
  • His ideal girl: smart, funny, girly-girl, sweet, likes me for me.
  • He is currently a second-year middle school student.
  • He gets along best with group-mates Kosuke Sohma and Hikaru Hoshimoto.


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