Alice Fujioka (菱川アイリス) was born June 4,1999.Fujioka is currently a second generation member of Pure Jinsei.Fujioka joined Pure Jinsei Janaury 31,2013,after participating in the Pure Jinsei second geneation auditions.May 11,Fujioka was elected "secretary" of Pure Jinsei.



Fujioka participated in the Pure Jinsei Second Generation Auditions.Fujioka's audition song was Kanashiki Heaven by C-ute.

January 31,it was revealed that Fujioka,along with Hishikawa Iris and Konoe Kaede,was chosen to become a second generation member of Pure Jinsei.

It was announced that after the graduation of Kira Yasuko,Fujioka would become the new secretary of Pure Jinsei.


  • Name: Fujioka Alice (藤岡アリス)
  • Nicknames: Risu (リス),Okay-san (大丈夫-サン),FujiAli (富士アリ)
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka,Japan
  • Birthdate: June 4,1999 (age 13)
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 157 cm
  • Hello!Project Status
    • 2013-01-31 Member
    • 2013-01-31 Pure Jinsei Member
    • 2013-01-31 Member
  • Pure Jinsei ColorOrange
  • Speicialty: Singing & Trumpet
  • Looks up to: Ichiro Nori & Ikuta Erina
  • Hello!Project Groups


Singles Participated In

Pure Jinsei

  • [2013.06.29] My Ongaku,My Jinsei/UN-breakable

Sore Wa Shoujou

  • Get Together!It Girls!


  • Fujioka said that Ichiro Nori and Ikuta Erina are examples of hardworking,strong,determined idols.
  • Konoe Kaede calls her "Alice in Jinsei-land".
  • Tsunku said that Fujioka has a hot tempered and rebellious attitude.
  • Horiuchi admitted that she is scared of her.
  • Is known for her muscular build.
  • Fujioka learned how to play the trumpet when she was 3.
  • When asked what she would do if she was not chosen for Pure Jinsei,Fujioka said that she would join her school's band.
  • In her blog,Fujioka said that when Kira Yasuko first announced her graduation,she felt like there was a big lump in her throat and was on the verge of tears.
  • Saburo Mami gave her the nickname "Okay-san".

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