Furude Gina
Nickname Gina (ジーナ)
Birthdate August 23, 1998 (1998-08-23) (age 19)
Birthplace Osaka, Japan
Professional Information
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2012-2014
Label Up Front Works (2012-2013)
BH Records (2013-Present)
Group Uchota~
Generation 1st Generation
Associated Acts Hello!Project DIVAS.

Furude Gina (古手梨ジーナ) is a Japanese pop singer signed to Hello! Project. Furude is a member of Uchota~.


Furude Gina, January 2013



On May 18 Furude became a founding sub member of Hello!Project DIVAS., along with Suzuki Ami, Inoue Ayame, Akashi Yue, Yamamoto Ran, and Hojo Jun.


On February 11, Furude was chosen to form the group, Uchota~, along with Arikara Erika, Hojo Jun, Hisakawa Minami, and Yamaguchi Eri.

Furude will graduate from Hello!Project DIVAS. alongside the other Uchota~ members in November 2013, after Uchota~'s major debut.


On March 8, Furude's mother was killed in a car crash. A funeral for Furude's mother was held on March 12.

On April 27, Furude went on hiatus for personal reasons.

On November 23, Furude return was revealed. She will resume Uchota~ activities on December 6.


  • Name: Furude Gina
  • Nicknames: Gina
  • Birthday: August 23, 1998 (1998-08-23) (age 19)
  • Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 163cm
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2012-05-18 DIVAS. Member
    • 2013-02-11 Uchota~ Member
    • 2014-04-27 Hiatus
    • 2014-12-06 Returned
  • Uchota~ Color: Purple
  • Hobbies: Collecting buttons
  • Specialty: Track
  • Scared of: Dogs
  • Favorite Animal: Cat
  • Favorite ramen flavor: Pork
  • Favorite cake: Vanilla cake
  • Favorite pasta: Lingueinne
  • Favorite drink: Melon soda
  • Favorite flowers: Cosmos
  • Favorite sweets: Biscuits
  • Favorite Hello! Project Songs: Kono Toori, Sorry
  • Looks Up To: Takahashi Ai, Sayashi Riho
  • Hello! Project groups:

Singles Participated In

Hello!Project DIVAS.

  1. Koi ING Melody (Debut)
  3. Dība akademī (Last)


  • Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!! (Indies/Debut)
  • Kanpeki Shoujo-Chan (Indies)
  • PATI PATI (Indies)
  • Sweet Smile (Indies)
  • Ai no Tochuu (Indies)
  • LOVE Rison
  • Hearts of Ice / Tada no Yume
  • Aisaretaku / Watashi no Hatsukoi / Seishun Collection


  • She was known as the quiet DIVAS., but became the loud and weird one of Uchota~
  • She doesn't like drama.
  • She was attacked by a dog at a very young age, thus is the reason she's scared of dogs.
  • She has six cats.
  • She usually does the bow tie gag with Nakamura Ayame.
  • During her first month of being a DIVAS. member, she cut her hair short.
  • Her closest friend in H!P were Suzuki Ami and Inoue Ayame.
  • Her least favorite H!P group was Berryz Koubou, even though she likes all the members.
  • Furude was the first member of Uchota~ (and H!P, not counting trainees) to go on hiatus and return.