GALAXY STARS is all-female Japanese pop unit under the Hello! Project International Section.  All of the members are former members of the Special Hello! Pro Kenshuusei program.




On August 19, the unit was officially introduced, as an indies group.

On September 21, the group name was chosen: GALAXY STARS. They made their indies debut on October 8th, with the single "Kodoku Heaven".


On May 9, it was announced that GALAXY STARS major debut single will be released in July. The group, of course,  will be making their official debut on the same day, thus officially leaving the Special Hello! Pro Kenshuusei program.

On the day of their major debut, it was announced that GALAXY STARS would be embarking on their first nationwide tour in Spring 2016.



Indies Singles

  1. [2014.10.08] Kodoku Heaven (孤独 Heaven)
  2. [2014.12.18] This is now!!!
  3. [2015.02.23] Our Song
  4. [2015.04.01] Ganbare! Ganbare! (がんばれ!がんばれ!)

Major Singles

  1. [2015.07.29] Ai wa Shinkirou / Seiippai Waraou ka (愛は蜃気楼/精一杯笑おうか)
  2. [2015.12.15] Kore ga Romance Denai Baai (これがロマンスでない場合)
  3. [2016.04.12] Koushiki Kigen Zen / Idol Debut no Houkai (公式期限前/アイドルデビューの崩壊)
  4. [2016.08.30] Tsuneni Kyousou ga Aru (常に競争がある)
  5. [2017.02.07] Crashed Shita Ai no Website (クラッシュした愛のウェブサイト)


Mini Albums

  1. [2017.07.11] The First Star in the Galaxy 


  • This is the first official unit to fully be made of Special Hello! Pro Kenshuusei.
  • Anna Aliyev is the only third generation Special Kenshuusei in the group. 
  • All the members speak fluent English and Japanese.

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