GenX (Jenex) is a Hello! project Official Unit. The name Genx was derived from "Generation" and "Extra" placed together. Each Generation of any group within Hello! Project may have up to 1 EXTRA member. This unit, Genx was made especially for an extra of each generation. It was confirmed that the auditions for Genx will only happen ONCE and that whenever a new generation enters they will just contact someone who was considerably "good" during the auditions and train her for a few days and add her in. 


Morning Musume

1st Gen

Aida Nana

2nd Gen

Yamaha Mi

3rd Gen

Genji Mana

4th Gen

Iijima Rie

5th Gen

Takenouchi Amaya

6th Gen

Toyota Ren

7th Gen

Katsukawa Kohaku

8th Gen

Morri Aya

9th Gen

Shirane Ran

10th Gen

Sone Moe

11th Gen

Okui Sayuri


1st Gen

Fujimaki Kaede

2nd Gen

Tamuro Aimi



Tsunku was getting reports about how people wanted more of a chance to join, so he thought up of this.

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