Go Girl Go! is the debut single of the group Ka-wa-ii! The single was released on January 31,2010,in five editions: Regular, Limited A, Limited B DVD, Limited C DVD, and Single V. The Single V was released on Febuary 15th. 


Regular Edition

  1. Go Girl Go!
  2. Sora Wo Kikku (Kick it Up!)
  3. Go Girl Go! (Instrumental)

Limited  Edition A

  1. Go Girl Go!
  2. Ai no Bara (Rose of Love)
  3. Go Girl Go! (Instrumental)

Limited Edition B DVD

  1. Go Girl Go!(MV)
  2. Go Girl Go!(Dance Shot)
  3. Go Girl Go!(Close-Up)

Limited Edition C DVD

  1. Go Girl Go!(Koga Hikaru Close-Up Ver.)
  2. Go Girl Go!(Abe Kasumi Close-Up Ver.)
  3. Go Girl Go!(Sato Miki Close-Up Ver.)
  4. Go Girl Go!(Uno Usagi Close-Up Ver.)
  5. Go Girl Go!(Ogawa Melody Close-Up Ver.)
  6. Go Girl Go!(Mahiro Rima Close-Up Ver.)

Single V

  1. Go Girl Go!(Another Ver.)
  2. Go Girl Go!(Studio Ver)
  3. Go Girl Go!(Making of)
  4. Meet Ka-wa-ii!
  5. Go Girl Go!(Recording of)

Featured Members

  • Koga Hikaru
  • Abe Kasumi
  • Sato Miki
  • Uno Usagi
  • Ogawa Melody
  • Mahiro Rima

Concert Performances

Song Information

  • Go Girl Go!
    • ​Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Ala 
    • Gutitar, Keyboard, Drums: Ala
    • Chorus: Maeda Yuuka, Wada Ayaka
    • Vocals:
      • Koga Hikaru & Sato Miki (main vocals)
      • Mahiro Rima & Uno Usagi (center vocals)
      • Abe Kasumi & Ogawa Melody (minor vocals)
  • Sora Wo Kikku!
    • ​Lyrics and Compostition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Ala
    • Gutitar, Keyboard, Autotuning,Drums: Ala
    • Chorus: Tsunku, Uno Usagi
    • Vocals:
      • Mahiro Rima & Sato Miki (main vocals)
      • Ogawa Melody & Uno Usagi (minor vocals)
  • Ai no Bara
    • ​Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Aya and Ala
    • Gutitar, Piano: Ala
    • Chorus: Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
    • Vocals:
      • Uno Usagi (main vocals)
      • Mahiro Rima & Ogawa Melody (minor vocals)


  • Ogawa Melody was the only member not to have any solo lines in the song Sora Wo Kikku!.
  • This was the only single to have a Single V. 
  • Ai no Barra had a grown-up, mature tone to it.Although,the three oldest members did not have any solo lines in it. 
  • The label this single was under was Zetima.
  • The dance was highly complex.
  • This was Ka-wa-ii's best selling single, until the release of Electro♥Hearts/NEW CHALLENGE.
  • Koga Hikaru and Mahiro Rima has a rap part in this.
  • Due to the fact that it was released on a Sunday, there is no week ranking for the single's first week.
  • Nao Rika recieved Abe Kasumi's lines after she graduated. 

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Ranking Sales
1      ---- 450,204
2 -- 10 9 12 3 4     5 9,700
1 1 1 4 3 1 1     2 989,999
3 --- 12 11 10 3 5    3 60,000
--- 21 --- 34 34 19 18    11 980
  • Total Reported Sales: 1,510,883

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