Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~ is the Hello!Project Foreigners's first cover single. The single is a cover of Morning Musume's 20th single. The cover was released July 9, 2012, in the following editions: Regular, Limited A and Single V.


Regular Edition

  1. Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~
  2. Koi ING
  3. Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~ (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A

  1. Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~
  2. Shabondama
  3. Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~ (Instrumental)

Single V

  1. Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~ (MV)
  2. Go Girl ~Koi No Victory (Dance shot ver.)
  3. Koi ING (MV)
  4. Shabondama (MV)
  5. Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~ (close up vers.)
  6. Making of (Go Girl~恋のヴィクトリー~)!!

Featured Members

  1. First Generation: Huan, Biyu, Alis, Miya, Ane, Adira, Alberta, Nina, Abigail, Charity and Dita
  2. Second Generation: Dewi, Gwenah, Ruolong and Abella
  3. Third Generation: Carrie and Rose

Song Information

  • Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~
    • Lyrics: Tsunku
    • Compositon: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Suzuki Hideyuki
  • Koi ING
    • Lyrics: Tsunku
    • Composition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Suzuki Hideyuki
  • Shabondama
    • Lyrics: Tsunku
    • Compositon: Tsunku
    • Vocals:
      • Huan, Alis and Miya (Main Vocals)
      • Ane,Dita and Carrie (Minor Vocals)
      • Adira and Charity (Center Vocals)


  • The B side for Limited Edition A is a cover of Morning Musume's 19th single, Shabondama.
  • Former captain of the Hello!Project Foreigners Huan said that she picked this song because this is her favorite Morning Musume single.
  • Nina and Gwenah get the least amount of lines in Shabondama due to their lack of fluency in japanese.


Go Girl~Koi No Victory~:

Koi ING: