Hǎo yàng de! (应该杨德) is a one shot unit between Happy Jikan members Wang Dao Ming and Wu Jiao. The group made it's debut in 2010 with the single Měi Lì before disbanding after only two months of activity.




It was announced that Happy Jikan members Wang Dao Ming and Wu Jiao would be doing a unit together. It was then given the name: Hǎo yàng de!

April 5, Hǎo yàng de! released the single, Měi Lì. After the single release, the group had many promotional lives (mainly in China) for the single.

June 30, Wu announced that the unit would be ending.



  1. [2010.04.05] Měi Lì


  • Is considered a 'one shot unit' because of the group's two month activity.
  • Tsunku said that he put the group together because of Wang's vocal talent and Jiao's dancing skills.

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