HEART is Happy Jikan's fifth single.It was released July 18,2001.It is the second and last Happy Jikan single not to feature Zhou Jia due to her suspension,and also the last single to feature the second generation as "sub-members".It reached #1 on the Oricon charts,with 1,546,283 copies sold.


Regular Edition

  1. HEART
  2. Watashi no SOUL
  3. HEART (instrumental)

Limited Edition A

  1. HEART
  2. Watashi no SOUL
  3. HEART (instrumental)

Music Video Edition

  1. HEART (MV)
  2. HEART ("Lovey Dovey" ver.)
  3. HEART (Dance shot ver.)
  4. HEART (Group Close Up ver.)
  5. HEART (Casual Outfit ver.)
  6. HEART ("Lovey Dovey" x Casual Outfit ver.)

Featured Members

  • First Generation: Su Meili & Chen Jingfei
  • Sub-Members (Second Generation): Huang Ning & Xie Biyu

Song Information

    • Lyrics & Compisition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Akami
    • Drums: Ryoo
    • Vocals:
      • Su Meili & Chen Jingfei (main vocals)
      • Huang Ning & Xie Biyu (minor vocals)
  • Watashi no SOUL
    • Lyrics & Compisition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: NICHIDO
    • Guitar: Kaitou
    • Vocals:
      • Unison


  • This is the last single not to feature Zhou Jia until Bravo!Chansu O Tsukamu in 2009.

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