HaJi Show! (ハ チを見せる!;Happy Jikan Show!) is the title of the sequel to Hello!Project Group Happy Jikan's Japanese/Chinese variety show,HappyTaimu~.The show aired March 12,2007 on several TV networks,in high definition.The show once again stars Happy Jikan.The show usually starts with the animated versions of the Happy Jikan members,and then,has the members usually dressed up as royalty.Each member has their own kingdom,and they represent each members personality.The show stopped airing September 12,2011.


Each Happy Jikan member has their own kingdom,and it represents their personality (For instance,Yin Lu,who has a serious personality,is the Queen of Seriousness).The girls are often split into two groups,and often "battle" each other.

Sometimes,they perform upcoming singles on the show,and wear their royal outfits.You can see that the members are split into two sides.

The side who wins,gets to chose a punishment for the losing side.\


From the debut of the show,June 12,2008,they did the following segments (Former members often appeared due to the fact that there were only 4 remaining members at the time):

  • Sing a Solo!
  • Royal Battle
  • Queen Of The Day

From June 18,2008,until September 12,2008,they did the following segments:

  • Facts of Comedy
  • Royal Battle
  • Side Of the Day

For the remaining episodes,they did the following segements

  • Amusement Park Day
  • HappySTREAM
  • Royal Battle
  • Side Of The Day

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