Happy♥Taimu (Happy♥Time) is Happy Jikan's second mini album. It was released April 3, 2011, under the BH Records label. There is no single featured on this mini album, just new songs.


Regular Edition CD

  1. Geijutsu no Project! (The Project of Art!)
  2. Mada,sore wa mada... (Yet,I still....; Yin Lu solo)
  3. I am a Believer! (Sixth generation)
  5. Aa,Sukoshi Zutsu (Ah,Little By Little)
  6. SHALL I? (Yin Lu, Haoi Daiyu, Wang Dao Ming and Zeng Yun)
  7. PROPER (Wu Jiao, Ao Xiao, Zheng May Ai, Sun Fang and Zheng Mei)

Regular Edition DVD

  2. Mada,sore wa mada... (MV)
  3. Yin Lu Interview
  4. Making of the Album

Featured Members

  • Fifth Generation: Yin Lu (Last credited album)
  • Sixth Generation: Haoi Daiyu, Wang Dao Ming, Zeng Yun (Last album as a Sixth Generation member), Wu Jiao, Ao Xiao, Zheng May Ai, Sun Fang and Zheng Mei


  • This is currently their best selling mini album with a total of 44,596 copies sold.
  • "Mada,sore wa mada..." is Yin Lu's graduation song.
  • This is Yin Lu's first and last album as leader of Happy Jikan.
  • This is Zeng Yun's last album as a sixth generation member of Happy Jikan.

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