Happy Jikan 8ki FC Event ~Time of our Lives!Wow!~ (幸せのじかん 8基 FC イベント 〜 私たちの生活の時間 !うわー!〜) is Happy Jikan's 8th genration's fanclub event.It took place on May 11,2013.The DVD for the FC event will be released June 13,2013,and will be out of stores by July 23,2013.


  1. Peng Shan's Story
  2. Tang Juan's Story
  3. Lin Ju's Story
  4. Lee Mia's Story
  5. Celebration!Welcoming Happy Jikan Eigth Generation
  6. Mini Live (ミニ ライブ)

Mini Live Setlist:

  2. Dakishimete Dakishimete (Peng Shan)
  3. Shortcut (Tang Juan)
  4. Aruiteru (Lin Ju)
  5. Lucky LOVE (Lee Mia)
  7. Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku (with Tong Mingxia,Kaneko Rie,Sasaki Rikako,Zoeng Biyu)
  8. CHOU Happy Song (with Tong Mingxia,Kaneko Rie,Sasaki Rikako,Zoeng Biyu)

Featured Members

  • Happy Jikan
    • Eigth Generation: Peng Shan, Tang Juan, Lin Ju & Lee Mia
  • MVPs
    • Tong Mingxia (chosen by Peng Shan)
    • Kaneko Rie (chosen by Tang Juan)
    • Sasaki Rikako (chosen by Lin Ju)
    • Zoeng Biyu (chosen by Lee Mia)
  • Special Guests
    • Tsunku
    • Su Meili


  • Tsunku stated in a video promoting the event that another guest would be attending the event,but the person wouldn't be revealed until the day on the event. It was revealed to be Su Meili 
  • The members will share stories,talking about their lives before joining the Hello!Project.
  • Each girl invited a trainee to participate in the event. They are considered MVPs and will be sitting in the section with Tsunku and the other special guests and performing two songs with the girls.
  • This is considered one of the biggest events for Happy Jikan's eigth generation.
  • They'll be performing their digital single, REVOLUTION, for the first time.
  • When asked on twitter "What kind of glowsticks should the fans bring for the kenshuusei?",Tsunku answered: Kaneko Rie - Pink,Sasaki Rikako - Purple,Tong Minxia - Yellow & Zoeng Biyu - Dark Blue.
  • The eigth generation got scared when Su Meili came out.

Event schedule

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Concert Starts Special Guests
05/11 Orix Theater Osaka 12:00 13:00 Tsunku
05/11 Orix Theater Osaka 16:00 17:00 Tsunku & Su Meili

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