Happy Jikan Concert Tour Spring 2012 ~Sakura Kuni~ (幸せのじかんコンサート ツアー 2012年 ~ さくらクニ ~) is Happy Jikan's 2012 spring tour. It was released on DVD + Blu Ray October 12,2012.


  1. VTR
  2. MC1 (Seventh generation auditions announcement)
  3. Renai Spirit!
  6. Sono Shonen
  7. MC2
  8. Ài
  9. Aa,Sukoshi Zutsu
  10. Nani Ka,Nani Ka... - Zheng May Ai and Zheng Mei (back dancers: Shiro Maria,Zoeng Biyu & Mogi Minami)
  11. Happytaimu!Iwatte Kudasai!
  12. One Step
  13. MC3
  14. Subarashii Ongaku O Subarashii Uta
  15. SHOOTING STAR ~Girl's Dream~
  16. The Very First Meet
  17. Honto no Watashi
  18. Legend.
  19. Dakara?
  20. CHEER
  21. Happiness Of The Heart - Hoi Daiyu & Aoi Xiao (back dancers: Shiro Maria,Zoeng Biyu & Mogi Minami)
  22. Medley:
    • SIXTEEN WISHES & Kirakira Fashion Walk remix
    • HEART
  23. MC4
  24. Geijutsu no project!
  25. HEARTLESS AND MINE - Wang Dao Ming, Wu Jiao & Sun Fang
  26. Sakura Tochi!
  27. 1,2,3 JUMP TO IT!
  28. Wakkyanai (Z) - Hoi Daiyu,Wang Dao Ming,Wu Jiao & Aoi Xiao
  29. Endless - Zheng May Ai,Sun Fang & Zheng Mei
  30. Happy Night - Shiro Maria,Zoeng Biyu & Mogi Minami


  1. Aa, Yo ga Akeru
  2. Minna no Tamago
  3. I am a Believer!
  4. MC5

Featured Members

Happy Jikan

  • Sixth Generation: Hoi Daiyu, Wang Dao Ming, Wu Jiao, Aoi Xiao, Zheng May Ai, Sun Fang, Zheng Mei

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei

  • Shiro Maria
  • Zoeng Biyu
  • Mogi Minami


  • This is the first official Happy Jikan concert to feature Hoi Daiyu as leader
  • The concert was originally supposed to take place in China, but it was cancelled.
  • "Sakura Kuni" is originally supposed to be spelled "Sakura no Kuni" (Country of Cherry Blossoms).It was originally how the tour was spelled,but it was mysertiously changed.
  • Fans suspected it to be the graduation concert of Zheng May Ai,due to her love of cherry blossoms.

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