Happy Jikan Good Generation (幸せなじかんグッド世代, also known as Happy Jikan GG) is a UP FRONT PROMOTION unit featuring all the former Happy Jikan members that decided to remain under Up Front after their departure from the group. It was formed August 5,2013.


The members are split up by their original Happy Jikan generations

First Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation



  1. [2013.11.04] Attotekina Delight/Liánghǎo de dài (Overwhelming Delight/Good Generation; 圧倒的な喜び/良好的代)


  • There is no official leader.
  • No former second generation member of Happy Jikan is featured in this unit.
  • On their youtube account, HaJiGG,they will make Vlogs and Happy Jikan dance covers.

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