Happy Jikan S-O-L-O Live! (幸せなじかん S-O-L-O ライブ !) was Happy Jikan's debut concert. It was filmed December 1,2000,at the Tokyo Dome.The DVD and VHS was released March 18, 2001.

The Blu Ray concert was released on August 23, 2013.


  1. VTR
  2. Subarashii Ongaku O Subarashii Uta
  3. LOUD! Subarashii Ongaku no Queen
  4. MC 1
  5. Dance Majo
  6. Ài
  7. Sorry
  8. Hitei,Fǒurèn 
  9. Believe!
  10. MC 2
  11. SHOCK Igai! ~2000 Happy Jikan~
  12. Suki Suki!!
  13. THE Kami! -  Su Meili 
  14. Kuàilè de nǚhái! -  Chen Jingfei 
  15. Tángrénjiē de dàolù! -  Zhou Jia 
  16. MC 3
  17. Momo.
  18. Melon.
  19. Summer Night Town
  20. MC 4


  1. Subarashii Ongaku O Subarashii Uta (Remix) 
  2. Tengoku ee no Michi

Featured Members


  • The concerts took place at some of the biggest venues in Japan: Super Saitama Arena,Osaka Kyocera Dome,Toyota Stadium,Yoyogi National Gymnasium,Nippon Budokan,and the Tokyo Dome.
  • This is Happy Jikan's debut solo concert.
  • Berryz Koubou member Natsuyaki Miyabi was spotted in the audience in the DVD.

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