Harajuku/DokiDoki!? (原宿/ドキドキ!?, Harajuku/ThumpThump!?) is the duo unit, Kuro.'s debut single. It was released on April 17, in 6 editions: Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, Limited D, Limited E. And a special one called "DELUXE" will be given away when bought selected items from Harajuku Lovers.


Regular Edition

  1. Harajuku
  2. DokiDoki!?
  3. Harajuku (instrumental)
  4. DokiDoki!? (instrumental)

Limited Edition A

  1. Harajuku
  2. DokiDoki!?
  3. TOP
  4. TOP (instrumental)

Limited Edition B

  1. Harajuku
  2. DokiDoki!?
  3. St☆rdom
  4. St☆rdom (instrumental)

Limited Edition C

  1. Harajaku
  2. DokiDoki!?
  3. ME
  4. ME (instrumental)

Limited Edition D

  1. Harajuku
  2. DokiDoki!?
  3. Pattern
  4. Pattern (instrumental)


  1. Harajuku
  2. DokiDoki!?
  3. TOP
  4. St☆rdom
  5. ME
  6. Pattern


  • Harajuku is about fashion and style.
  • DokiDoki!? is about not having believed your heart is beating crazily for one person. 
  • TOP is about being an A-List actress, model or singer. Basically, being at the top.
  • St☆rdom is about the ups and downs of being famous.
  • ME is about being yourself no matter what people think.
  • Pattern is about the difference in everyone.

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