Hello!Project DIVAS. (ハロー!プロジェクト DIVAS.) is a group made up of girls who are not fully members of the Hello!Project.

The group does not have a lot of activity due to their training, but the group often has their own performances, perform as back dancers for major Hello! Project groups, and release indies singles.

Current Members

22nd Generation (2015.05.01)

  • Yamaga Aina (山鹿愛菜) also a member of Uchouten
  • Hirata Atsuko (平田敦子)
  • Asai Yoko (浅井洋子) also a member of SweetS

23rd Generation (2015.06.21)

  • Sanada Minami (真田南)
  • Nomura Aiko (野村愛子) also a member of Honey Summer

24th Generation (2015.10.03)

  • Horie Yukiho (堀江雪歩) also a member of Uchouten
  • Shiroyama Rimu (城山リム) also a member of Honey Summer

25th Generation (2015.12.12)

  • Chikamatsu Madoka (近松まどか) also a member of Honey Summer
  • Fukasaku Rei (深作レイ) also a member of Honey Summer
  • Miyoshi Erina (三好エリナ) also a member of Honey Summer
  • Oyako Kizuki (親子杵築) also a member of Honey Summer

26th Generation (2016.03.19)

  • Hattori Chie (服部千恵)
  • Inamura Moeka (稲村もえか) also a member of Honey Summer

27th Generation (2016.05.21)

  • Midou Yuuri (御堂優理)
  • Miyashita Coco (宮下ココ) also a member of Honey Summer
  • Kamiya Rika (神谷理華) also a member of Honey Summer
  • Kikkawa Mizuki (吉川瑞希)

28th Generation (2016.07.16)

  • Ota Sumomo (太田蘇桃) also a member of Honey Summer
  • Noguchi Hikari (野口ひかり) also a member of SweetS
  • Aikawa Kira (相川綺良)

29th Generation (2016.09.01)

  • Takahashi Mikiko (高橋美紀子) also a member of SweetS
  • Tsujimura Miku (辻村みく)
  • Hojo Karen (北条華蓮)
  • Yamamoto Akira (山本晃)

30th Generation (2016.12.15)

  • Nakata Chinami (中田中南)
  • Shiga Fumiko (滋賀文子)
  • Kajiyama Haru (梶山春)

31st Generation (2017.04.09)

  • Oriko Nozomi (沖野のぞみ)
  • Satoda Ame (里田雨)
  • Okabe Sachiko (岡部幸子)
  • Ichihara Tomomi (市原智美)
  • Yasui Rion (安井りおん)
  • Amano Chizu (天野千住)
  • Yakumo Rin (八雲凛)
  • Nakagome Erena (中目黒駅)

32nd Generation (2017.07.23)

  • Niikura Rio (新倉リオ)
  • Umemura Minako (梅村美奈子)
  • Matsuoka Koume (松岡久美)
  • Hatano Risa (波多野りさ)
  • Iwasaki Nana (岩崎奈々)

33rd Generation (2017.11.15)

  • Uchida Kanako (内田佳奈子)
  • Hagino Mai (萩野麻衣)
  • Tsujii Homura (辻井ほむら)
  • Yuhara Kaori (裕原香織)

Former Members

1st Generation (2012.02.18)

2nd Generation (2012.08.15)

3rd Generation (2012.11.01)

4th Generation (2013.02.03)

5th Generation (2013.03.22)

6th Generation (2013.05.08)

  • Sato Yuki (Uchota~, December 2014)

7th Generation (2013.05.30)

8th Generation (2013.06.06)

9th Generation (2013.06.20)

10th Generation (2013.07.07)

11th Generation (2013.09.14)

12th Generation (2013.12.22)

13th Generation (2014.03.16)

14th Generation (2014.04.27)

15th Generation (2014.05.21)

16th Generation (2014.08.17)

17th Generation (2014.09.01)

18th Generation (2014.12.02)

19th Generation (2015.02.13)

20th Generation (2015.03.15)

21st Generation (2015.05.02)

22nd Generation (2015.06.15)

23rd Generation (2015.06.21)

  • Yuzuki Nana (Intense♥, December 2016)
  • Hayashi Rikako (ZONE, March 2017)

24th Generation (2015.10.03)

25th Generation (2015.12.12)

26th Generation (2016.03.19)

28th Generation (2016.07.16)

21st Generation (2015.05.02)

6th Generation (2013.05.08)

7th Generation (2013.05.30)

8th Generation (2013.06.06)

9th Generation (2013.06.20)

10th Generation (2013.07.07)

11th Generation (2013.09.14)

14th Generation (2014.03.16)

  • Kitagawa Mirei (withdrew, October 2014)
  • Fujioka Jun (withdrew, October 2014)
  • Kojima Mako (withdrew, October 2014)

18th Generation (2014.12.02)

  • Nakamura Nagisa (withdrew, June 2015)



February 18, Tsunku announced that he was starting a new training program. Seven girls were chosen: Yamamoto Ran, Suzuki Ami, Akashi Yue, Inoue Ayame, Furude Gina and Hojo Jun. The girls were presented at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2012 ~3gatsu No Nama Tamago Show!~ on March 31,2012.

Three new members were added: Kyou Miwa, Arikara Erika and Nao Rika.

September 26, It was announced that the Hello!Project DIVAS. would be releasing their debut single, called "Koi ING Melody".

October 14, Yamamoto Ran was transferred to S/mileage.

November 1, Akashi Yue joined the group C/olorage, and three members were added to the DIVAS.: Ishikawa Megumi, Akiyama Mei, Hisakawa Minami.

It was announced that the DIVAS. would be attending the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Foreigner DIVAS.Concert Tour Spring 2013 ~Ressha!~, alongside the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei and the Hello! Project Foreigners in 2013.


In February,Nao Rika went to be a second generation member of Ka-wa-ii! and Akiyama Mei announced her graduation to be a soloist on the last day of the trainees spring 2013 tour. 6 new girls were added to the Hello!Project DIVAS..The release of their second single,IF THIS IS LOVE,was announced.

February 14,2013,Tsunku announced the debut of a new group Uchota~.The unit will start of as a indies group,and then make their major debut around 2014-2015.

Tsunku revealed that Ishikawa Megumi and Yoshida Maria withdrew from the program

On March 22, six girls were added to the line up, forming the fifth generation. It was also announced the name for the DIVAS.'s third single, Dība akademī, which was released on May 1, 2013.It is currently their best selling single.

May 5, the group Heartsx2 was formed.The members chosen to form the group is former DIVAS. member Yoshida Maria,Suzuki Ami,Sakurada Hina,Nakamura Yuki,Wada Chinami & Yamakami Takara.

Around April - May, there was a mass debut of the Hello!Project DIVAS.

On May 8, the sixth generation of DIVAS. were added to the line up to make up for all the graduations.

On May 22, the seventh generation was added.

On June 6, five new members were added.

On July 17, the formation of the new group, Intense♥, was announced. The line up was revealed to be Kyou Miwa, Fujimoto Saki, and Tamura Momoko. They graduated from the DIVAS. on August 28, 2013.

On August 13, the indies unit of Hello! Pro Girls, Happy Hearts, was announced. The members were revealed to be Kenshuusei members, Miyaki Ayu, Suzuki Yuka, and Ako Kyoka, and DIVAS. members Ishikawa Megumi, Ono Mizuki, and Hirohata Ayano. 

December 22,the twelfth generation was introduced in individual introduction videos on YouTube.


On January 2, a mass DIVAS. graduation occurred, cutting the members down from 32 to 18. Akami gave the following statement.

"Was it good to have all the sub members? No, in a sense. Half the girls weren't actually prepared to become idols, so it was decided to let some girls go. The graduated DIVAS. may return, but most will not come back."

Four new members were introduced at a Chisana Hana concert.

During a press release, it was announced by Tsunku himself that every DIVAS. who joined the program up until October 2014 would debut in some form in H!P by 2015.


on April 1, to April 3, Takahashi Aiko, Ukiyo Eiko, Esumi Sofia, and Egami Chikako will be back-up dancers for Ka-wa-ii Girls!'s 4gatsu Genki to Kawaii Mini Live 1.

Dance Covers

  1. [2012.07.05] Maji Bomber!! by Berryz Koubou
  2. [2012.08.01] MIRAI LOVE by Happy Jikan
  3. [2012.08.21] SONG FOR THE DATE by Mano Erina
  4. [2013.01.25] Help Me!! by Morning Musume
  5. [2013.04.15] Aitai Aitai Aitai na by C-ute 
  6. [2013.05.01] UCHOUTEN LOVE by S/mileage
  7. [2013.07.05] Get In SYNC by Ka-wa-ii!
  8. [2013.08.23] KISS by Shiko Jikan
  9. [2013.09.01] Ai no Gundan by Morning Musume
  10. [2013.10.13] WANT! by Berryz Koubou
  11. [2013.11.24] Ai no Gundan by Morning Musume
  12. [2013.12.25] Romance no Tochuu by Juice=Juice
  13. [2014.01.31] What is LOVE? by Morning Musume '14
  14. [2014.02.28] Kataomoi Rotation by Ka-wa-ii!
  15. [2014.05.30] Shortcut by S/mileage
  16. [2014.06.18] LOVE Machine by Morning Musume
  17. [2014.07.01] Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS by Juice=Juice
  18. [2014.08.16] ROCK FROM THE DEAD by Ka-wa-ii!
  19. [2014.09.23] Kono Toori by Shiko Jikan
  20. [2014.10.31] Golden Chinatown by Berryz Koubou

Indies Singles

  1. [2013.01.11] Koi ING Melody
  2. [2013.03.21] IF THIS IS LOVE
  3. [2013.05.01] Dība akademī
  4. [2013.08.05] Ai no Tochuu (Hello!Project DIVAS. ft. Uchota~)
  5. [2013.12.14] Uta
  6. [2014.08.13] LOVE BOMB


T.V Shows

  1. [2014-2016] H!P DIVAS. ~Happy Taimu~


  • DIVAS stands for "Dancing In (A) Very Awesome Stage", as the group sometimes makes dance covers.
  • The group did a cover of "Maji Bomber!!", instead of "Dakishimete Dakishimete" because all the girls voted, and "Maji Bomber!!" got the most amount of votes.
  • Former C/olorage member Arikara Erika joined the group because she had to leave C/olorage, since her rival graduated.
  • The DIVAS.'s mascot is a pink bunny.
  • DIVAS. usually debut faster than Kenshuusei or Foreiginers due to beig sub members, and not trainees.


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